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How to Read the Signs Sent to Guide You

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Intuition is a kind of knowing. It can come by way of a dream or gut feeling. It is a heightened awareness where you notice things that others don't.

As your spirituality and intuition grow you begin to notice coincidences and synchronicities. You start to pick up on the symbols and signs that appear in your everyday life. Every day of your life there are symbols to guide you.

Symbols take many forms. They may come by way of a book, a chance meeting, even backache or a flat tire but they happen to you. Symbols are universal signs. They appear the world over and break all cultural and language barriers. They are there but are you recognizing them?
Some are fantastic and some are everyday events. They help you with all areas of your life.
The good news is, once you recognize symbols and signs the intuitive part of your brain becomes stimulated. So the more signs you notice the more will pop up in your life, until everyone you meet will have a message for you. Car numbers plates will give you a clue where to head next and key colors will jump out at you either giving you a green light to go ahead or a red stop signal.

Our ancients knew how to do this naturally; understanding symbols is already deeply ingrained within you. Allow this course to bring back your own natural ability to read and understand the universal signs that guide you every moment of every day.

Reverend Arlene Raedel is a professional psychic, medium, healer and development facilitator.