Round Rock Wealthbuilder's is dedicated to networking with like minded people to identify and find the opportunities the stock market or CenTex real estate and helping each other grow toward financial independence, and protecting what we've accumulated.

At the December meetup the topics centered on the looming 'fiscal cliff' and its potential impacts on the market. Several technical buy/sell signals were offered, with no clear direction. Agreement reached and markets rally, no agreement and markets fall. Consensus at the time was to 'lighten up' and go to the sidelines. Still no agreement, and now we have a looming longshoreman's strike, which has the potential to cripple the economy even further. It looks to be an interesting start to 2013.

Even though gold and silver and the respective mining stocks had been heavily sold off going into August, they recovered nicely to outperform the market, and had recovered all of 2012 losses, and then some, but a correction was necessary. Actual demand for physical delivery from 3rd world central banks continues to be strong, with demand greater than supply, and the sector now in backwardation. And as we head into 2013 one thing to keep in mind is that gold moves back to being a TIER 1 asset with banks on January 1st, one of the reasons central bank buying has accelerated.

A regular agenda item is the "Wisdom of Crowds" stock picks. Members who wish to present a stock to the group are given a couple minutes to say why they think the stock is a good investment. At the Dec. meetup 3D Printing with who's who, fundamentals of the major players, outlook going forward, and technical signals were shared with attendees.

Austin R/E is doing well, with several R/E brokers/investors in the room informing the group that they're seeing more buyers than sellers, and seeing multiple competing offers for the same SF unit. Mortgage lending appears to be rebounding for people with good credit scores. An estimated 4,600 people per month are relocating from other states to Central Texas (U.S. Census), keeping a floor under the local housing market.

Central Texas continues to be an attractive destination for retirees in general for it's low tax rate (Texas is #7 for lowest tax rate in the US), affordable housing, quality health care facilities, growth rate, temperate climate, and diversity of culture and other activities (Austin is ranked #4 as a best place to retire).

There were 5 new attendees and 48 returning members at the December meetup. All new and experienced investors are invited to a monthly Wealthbuilder's of Round Rock meeting, free of charge, now in it's 9th year. The evening's program is sponsored/chaired by two long time Round Rock successful investors who offer their combined outlook, including technical and fundamental analysis, on investing and trading opportunities for the coming month. Wealthbuilder members also include active real estate investors who share with the group their outlook on the greater Austin area real estate market.