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Are you looking for a travel companion (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/browse/) in Bengaluru? Then Bengaluru Travel Club is the right place for you to meet like minded travellers from Bengaluru.

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What happens in Bengaluru Travel Club?

• If you have a travel (http://echutti.com/trips) plan and looking for a travel buddy (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/browse/) or a group of travellers for your next trip, then you can create a trip and share your trip plan in Bengaluru Travel Club, anybody available and interested in joining will RSVP to accompany you for the trip.

• If you are interested in joining a trip organized by a fellow traveller in Bengaluru Travel Club, then you can RSVP to accompany them for the trip.

• If you are a solo traveler (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) and just want to interact with fellow travellers for getting travel tips (http://echutti.com/travel-forum) or to share your travel experience (http://echutti.com/travel-blog/category/18/my-travel-experience/) then you can start a discussion asking a question for travel tips or create a travel blog (http://echutti.com/travel-blog/) to share your experience.

How to share my trip (http://echutti.com/trips/) plan in Bengaluru Travel Club?

• Register on eChutti.com (http://echutti.com) and Join Bengaluru Travel Club (http://echutti.com/bengaluru-travel-club/)

• Create a trip (http://echutti.com/trips/), provide all required details.

• Your trip plan (http://echutti.com/trips/) will be shared with everybody in Bengaluru Travel Club through social media and Whatsapp, anybody available and interested will join you for the trip (http://echutti.com/trips/).

Who all can organize a trip in Bengaluru Travel Club (http://echutti.com/bengaluru-travel-club/)?

• Any individual traveller (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) looking for a travel companion.

• Any professional tour organizer (http://echutti.com/trips/).

What kind of trips can be organised in Bengaluru Travel Club?

• Weekend Getaway (http://echutti.com/trips/category/9/weekend-getaway/)

• International Trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/28/luxury-tour-packages/)

• Trekking (http://echutti.com/trips/category/19/trekking/)

• Adventure Trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/10/adventure-trip/)

• Hiking (http://echutti.com/trips/category/20/hiking/)

• Road trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/21/road-trip-2-wheeler/)

• Mountaineering (http://echutti.com/trips/category/23/mountaineering/)

• Wildlife Safari (http://echutti.com/trips/category/24/wildlife-safari/)

• Desert Safari (http://echutti.com/trips/category/25/desert-safari/)

• Heritage Travel (http://echutti.com/trips/category/26/heritage-travel/)

• Family outing (http://echutti.com/trips/category/27/family-outing/)

• Weekend trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/9/weekend-getaway/)

• Beach Holiday (http://echutti.com/trips/category/11/beach-holiday/)

• Luxury tour packages (http://echutti.com/trips/category/28/luxury-tour-packages/)

Who can join Bengaluru Travel Club?

Bengaluru (http://echutti.com/bengaluru-travel-club/)Travel Club is for all Travel Enthusiasts staying in and around Bengaluru. You may be an individual Backpacker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Trekker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Hiker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Adventure Traveler (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) or you may be someone interested to getaway on a long weekend luxurious group trip (http://echutti.com/trips/) with family and friends or you may be someone who is looking for a travel companion for next trip, you are welcome to join as far as you are passionate about travelling (http://echutti.com/trips/).

Where do you usually travel?

We travel anywhere and everywhere. Some of the domestic tour destinations include: Goa trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=goa), Andaman trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=andaman), Kerala tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=kerala), Kashmir trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=kashmir), Rajasthan tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=rajasthan), Darjeeling trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=darjeeling), Shimla trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=shimla), Kullu Manali trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=manali), Lakshadweep cruise trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=lakshadweep), Munnar trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=munnar), Pondicherry trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=pondicherry), Gulmarg trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=gulmarg), Udaipur tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=udaipur), Mount Abu trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=mount+abu), Nainital trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=nainital) and International tour destinations include: Thailand tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=Thailand), Singapore trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=singapore), Trip to Bali (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=bali), Malaysian trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=malaysia), Euro trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=europe), Dubai trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=dubai), Mauritius tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=mauritius), Bangkok trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=bangkok), Phuket trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=phuket), Pataya tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=pataya), Maldives tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=maldives), Paris tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=paris), Switzerland tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=switzerland), Srilanka tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=srilanka), Australia tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=australia), New Zealand tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=new+zealand), UK tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=uk), South African tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=south+africa), African Safari tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=africa), China tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=china), Hong Kong tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=hong+kong), France tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=france), Italy tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=italy), Rome tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=rome), Spain tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=spain), London tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=london), USA tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=usa), Canada tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=canada), Brazil tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=brazil), Japan tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=japan), Russia tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=russia), Egypt tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=egypt)

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Heritage Trip to Gwalior, Orchha & Khajuraho


Madhya Pradesh occupies the 'Heart of India' not only because of its geographical location but also because of the rich history evident from the stupendous architecture of the bygone era. Numerous monuments, intricately carved temples, monuments, fascinating forts and palaces are dotted all over. Gwalior is best known for its imposing hilltop fort, which was famously described as ‘the pearl amongst fortresses in India’. Historically, the city has been the cradle of a number of dynasties that ruled it over the years. Their influence is clearly seen in the many regal structures that dominate the cityscape. In a sense, Gwalior continues to retain a medieval majesty. The titillating town of Khajuraho is famed for the glorious temples containing the erotic stone carvings carved in exquisite, breathtaking detail making them one of the UNESCO World Heritage listed temples. The Western Group of temples, in particular, contains some stunning sculptures. Nestled on the banks of river Betwa, the ancient town of Orchha is frozen in time with its many monuments continuing to retain their original grandeur even to this day. Orchha is one destination that combines natural beauty, the aesthetic legacy of history and a certain authenticity. Come and explore the Heart of India, ‘far from the madding crowd’ and experience these iconic places -- it's like stepping back into a bygone era. NOTE: This is a heritage trip and you’ll be bombarded with a lot of information regarding the history and culture of the places we visit. So, if you’re not a history person, this trip is not for you! FOR DETAILED ITINERARY, PLS VISIT https://www.unusualescapes.com/heart-soul-of-india... BRIEF ITINERARY: Day 01 | Arrive in Gwalior Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, Tansen Tomb, Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus, Gopachal Parvat, Light & Sound Show at Gwalior Fort Day 02 | Gwalior – Sonagiri – Datia – Jhansi – Orchha Sonagiri Jain Temples, Raja Bir Singh Deo Palace, Fort of Jhansi, Sound & Light Show at Orchha Fort Day 03 | Orchha Orchha Fort Complex that comprises Jahangir Mahal, Raja Mahal & Rai Praveen Mahal, Ram Raja Mandir, Laxminarayan Temple Day 04 | Orchha – Khajuraho Dhubela Museum, Western Group of Temples, Adivart Tribal and Folk Art Museum, Sound & Light Show held by the Western Group of Temples Day 05 | Khajuraho Eastern and Southern Group Temples, Javari & Jatakara Village walk, Raneh Falls Canyon. Day 06 | Bid Adieu Depart to Khajuraho Airport / Jhansi RS / Gwalior Airport or RS. TRIP DATES Start Date: Sunday, 20th October 2019 End Date: Friday, 25th October 2019 Pls ensure that you arrive before 11am on the Start Date and book your return ticket for your train / flight after 6pm (Gwalior), 3pm (Jhansi) & 11am (Khajuraho) on the End Date. TRIP COST INR 17500 per person, ex-Gwalior FOR DETAILED ITINERARY & OTHER DETAILS, PLS VISIT https://www.unusualescapes.com/heart-soul-of-india... For further details & booking your slot, email us at [masked] or call / WA at[masked]

BHUTAN - The Great Himalayan Escape


>> Indians travelling to Bhutan don’t need a visa or a passport to enter the country << Welcome to the Land of Thunder Dragon, a country where the wealth is measured not by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but by Gross National Happiness (GNP) – This is Bhutan. This tiny strikingly beautiful Himalayan country, sandwiched between India and China still remains one of the Last Shangri-La with a charm and magic, like nowhere else in the world. Bhutan`s landscape consists of a lofty and rugged mountain ranges separated by deep fertile valleys, while 72 percent is under forest coverage. Through centuries of self-imposed isolation Bhutan has been able to preserve its spectacular environment and nurture its unique culture. We take you on a lifetime journey to this tiny little country with ‘no traffic lights’ which has put happiness of its people before economic growth and set a world standard for environmental preservation. FOR DETAILED ITINERARY, VISIT https://www.unusualescapes.com/bhutan-road-trip TRIP DATES: Start Date: Tuesday, 29th October 2019 End Date: Thursday, 7th November 2019 TRIP ROUTE: Siliguri - Thimphu - Punakha - Trongsa - Bumthang - Gangtey (Phobjikha) – Paro – Siliguri BRIEF ITINERARY: Day 01 | Arrive in Sliguri – Phuentsholing Day 02 | Phuentsholing – Thimphu Sightseeing Day 03 | Thimphu Sightseeing Day 04 | Thimphu – Dochula Pass – Punakha Day 05 | Punakha – Bumthang Day 06 | Bumthang Day 07 | Bumthang - Phobjikha Valley Day 08 | Phobjikha Valley - Paro Day 09 | Hike to the Tiger’s Nest Day 10 | Drive to Siliguri Pick-up / Drop-off at Siliguri TRIP COST:- Rs.28,000/- per person, ex-Bagdogra / Siliguri Please confirm your participation by paying Rs.5000/- to book your seat. The trip will have a maximum of 14 participants only IMPORTANT INFORMATION:- 1. An Indian Citizen don’t require visa to enter Bhutan 2. Indian nationals visiting Bhutan are required to carry any of the two valid 'Travel Documents' (a) Valid Indian Passport having validity of minimum 6 months; and/or (b) Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. 3. 2 recent passport size photograph is required to be submitted. FOR DETAILED ITINERARY & OTHER DETAILS, VISIT https://www.unusualescapes.com/bhutan-road-trip For clarifications & booking, email us at [masked] or call / WhatsApp at[masked]

Corn Village and Landour Exploration


Have you ever heard about a village that is entirely decorated with the garlands of golden corn? It’s none other but a quaint Himalayan village known as Sainji or popularly referred as Corn Village in the Mussoorie district of state Uttarakhand. Detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/corn-village-and-landour-exploration/ Have you ever explored the English heritage, century old bakeries and tea shops of Landour or thinking of paying a visit to the house of the man who measured the Mount Everest? Along with the delights of exploring Sainji aka Corn Village and the love of Landour, we have also crafted a wonderful and an offbeat trekking experience for you in Garhwali Himalayas of Uttarakhand where after crossing some forests, breathtaking view-points and meadows, you will be able to witness the source of a spellbinding waterfall, Kempty Falls. Trip Highlights 1. Corn Village 2. Traditional Lunch 3. George Everest House 4. Kempty Falls 5. Trekking 6. Chaar Dukaan 7. Ruskin Bond House 8. Lal Tibba 9. Landour Bakehouse 10. Kellog Memorial Church Itinerary Day 0 We will start from Delhi in a private vehicle booked exclusively for our group at 11 PM. With some fun group games, we will continue our journey towards our destination. Pick up – Mandi House Metro Station Gate No. 2. Please arrive at 10.30 PM Day 1 Reach Mussoorie, freshen up and have breakfast Drive to Kempty Falls Corn Village Guided Tour and Photography Lunch in the village After lunch in the village, we’ll drive to Landour and visit the following landmarks: Ruskin Bond House (from outside) Kellog Memorial Church (from outside) Landour Bakehouse Lal Tibba Chaar Dukaan Back to Mussoorie Dinner Day 2 Breakfast Start trekking from Wishing Well Hathipaon We will be visiting following major landmarks during the trek: -George Everest House -Kempty Falls (optional) Please note that the difficulty level for this trek is moderate and it takes approximately 4 hours to finish the same. It’s an offbeat trek specially curated by us for our groups. 🙂 Did we tell you that hiking to the source of Kempty Falls is captivating? Trekking is optional though. If you want to miss it, you can hangout in the streets of Mussoorie before we meet the trekking group, spend some Leisure time and start our drive to Delhi. Though we strongly encourage everyone not to miss it! After trekking, we will hangout in some quaint cafe of Mussoorie to relax and sip some nice tea/coffee. Post that, we will start driving back to Delhi. Detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/corn-village-and-landour-exploration/ Ex – Delhi: 6900 INR per person regular tariff 6600 INR per person if you have already traveled with us 🙂 6500 INR per person if you are more than two people traveling together Inclusions *All transport from Delhi to Delhi (either Innova or Force Tempo Traveler depending on Group Size) *Stay for one night at a nice place on twin-sharing basis *Day 1: Breakfast and Lunch *Day 2: Breakfast and packed Lunch *Expenses of local guides *Two friendly and knowledgeable group leaders throughout the tour Detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/corn-village-and-landour-exploration/ Contact: Chandni Aggarwal [masked] (Call/ WhatsApp) [masked] Please note that if you find the above number not reachable or switched-off (because we travel a lot), then please leave us a WhatsApp message asking to call you back. For any missing details, comment on this link: http://eChutti.com/trips/3624

MEGHALAYA - Heavenly Abode


Meghalaya, known for its clouds and rainfall is a tiny state in the North East India sandwiched between Assam and Bangladesh. Also known as the “Abode of Clouds”, the state has plenty to offer to an avid traveler The undulating mountains, living root bridges, spectacular crystal-clear lakes, meandering rivers, dense verdant forests, gorgeous waterfalls, quaint caves, exotic flora and fauna - all of these makes Meghalaya look like straight out of a fairy tale We take you to some of the untouched, less-explored and seriously fascinating territories that will take your breath away CHECK THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/daq7BHgbfjA FOR DETAILED ITINERARY, VISIT https://www.unusualescapes.com/meghalaya-heavenly-... ≡ HIGHLIGHTS ✓ Double Decker Living Root Bridge trek ✓ Boating in Dawki, the crystal clear river (it may not be clear at this time of the year, though) ✓ Mawphlang sacred forest, believed to be over 1000 years old ✓ Noh-Ka-Likai falls – the World’s fourth tallest waterfalls, Seven Sisters falls & Wei Sawdong falls ✓ Caving at Arwah Lumshynna Cave, limestone cave surrounded by the dense forest ✓ Mawlynnong, “the Cleanest Village in Asia” ✓ Umiam Lake for boating ✓ Skywalk to have a glimpse of the plains of Bangladesh ✓ Laitlum Canyons, 80° majestic view of the grassy valleys ✓ Village life experiences, walks, homestays, local cuisine, etc ✓ Zip-lining, kayaking, boating, cliff-jumping, etc at cost ✓ and many more... ≡ DATES Start Date: Saturday, 9th November 2019 End Date: Friday, 15th November 2019 Pls ensure that you arrive before 10:00 am on the Start Date and book your return ticket for your train / flight after 04:00 pm on the End Date Pick-up / drop-off at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Guwahati ≡ TRIP COST INR 19500 per person (including the Booking Fee) ✓ These rates are for Indian Nationals only. ✓ The trip will have a maximum of 16 participants only. ✓ Minimum of 6 participants required to conduct the trip. Please do check with us before booking your air / train tickets. ✓ A facilitator / group lead will accompany if 8 or more participants sign-up. ✓ Suitable for singles / solo travelers / small group of friends / couples ✓ Suitable for members between the age group of 16-55 years. We do take members above 55 years too based on their physical fitness. Please confirm your participation by paying INR 5000** (Non-Refundable) to book your seat. Rest to be paid 30 days before the trip start date. Pls write to us at [masked] for our Bank Account Details to transfer the Booking Fee (or) pay via Google Pay at[masked]. Your spot will be confirmed as soon as we receive your Booking Fee. **If you can find anyone else to replace you, there’ll be NO cancellation charges. We will then refund your money in full including the non-refundable booking fee. ≡ INCLUSIONS ✓ Stay on double / triple sharing basis. Married couples get a separate room. ✓ Breakfast, Dinner ✓ Transfers / Sightseeing by a Toyota Innova or Tempo Traveler or a similar vehicle depending on the number of participants. ✓ Entry tickets to the places of interest ✓ Permits, Toll Taxes, Parking Charges ✓ Services of the Local Guide, wherever required. ✓ Taxes & service charges ≡ EXCLUSIONS ✗ Airfare / Railfare ✗ Lunch. We’ll be having lunch at roadside restaurants which are generally inexpensive. ✗ Camera charges ✗ Activity charges i.e, zip-lining, boating, cliff jumping, kayaking, etc. ✗ Additional cost arising due to mishaps, political unrest, natural calamities like – landslides, road blockage, etc. In such case extra will have to be paid on the spot by the guests directly. ✗ Personal expenses such as laundry, room heater charges, bottled water, soft drinks, incidentals, porter charges, tips, medicines, etc. ✗ Any item not specified in the ‘Inclusions’. Pls call / WA at[masked] or email: [masked] for more information.

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SIKKIM - Tranquility in Himalaya


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