Ethereum Meetup Berlin #04 -

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Space Shack

AkazienStrasse 3a · Берлин

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Yellow Giant room: at the space shack, walk through the entrance, down the stairs, to the back, left and down the yellow hallway.

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Calling all Ethereum enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and executives! We are hosting our next Ethereum Meetup in Berlin on Friday the 13th of April at the Spaceshack.

Please join us for presentations by some of the industry's experts, updates on the latest blockchain news and afterwards some snacks and drinks provided by the Status team while networking with the community.

Speakers Lineup:
• Andy Tudhope, "Community and Communal Magic". By describing the more subtle problems posed by an increasingly online global populace, and Status' role as we see it in building some of the fixes, Andy will outline a framework for thinking about the benefits of decentralization and open source software. This talk contains some technical elements around what these 'fixes' really are, how Status is designed and built, and how the Whisper messaging protocol works. However, the focus is on the far more radical and interesting question of why these technologies ought to interest, incentivise and even inspire us to transact and communicate in different and potentially more equitable ways.

• Martin Klepsch, "Sustainable OSS, Decentralized Organizations & Status Open Bounty". Martin is an avid user of the Clojure(Script) programming language and a member of the team behind Status Open Bounty ( where he’s trying to uncover the right tools for communities to incentivise work they find important. In his spare time he’s a happy camper in the Clojure community and goes bouldering occasionally.

• Surprise Guest! Yet to be announced...

18h00 - arrival and registration
18h30 - opening address
18h40 - Status presentation
19h00 - Speaker 2
19h20 - Open floor discussion and Q&A
19h50 - End + Networking
21h00 - Close

The aim of these meetups is to provide an open platform for people to learn more about Ethereum & Blockchain, share ideas, ask questions, talk about projects and meet people within the industry.

Looking forward to meeting you all there. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or would like to get involved further - we will be hosting one of these meetups at least once a month, each time focusing on a different and pertinent topic relating to Ethereum.

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