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This group is for all of you out there interested learning more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our events are lead by expert speakers and are designed to be educational and interactive.

Blockmatics is a blockchain education company, offering comprehensive training, research and consulting services to businesses and professionals around the world. We provide the fundamental knowledge required to understand blockchain technology, its use cases and implementations from an independent perspective. Whether through our online and in-person interactive training programs or customized research and consulting services, Blockmatics expertise lies in furthering the ideas of decentralized systems. Founded in 2016, Blockmatics grew out of market demand into a global resource for blockchain education.

Visit blockmatics.io to start learning for free!

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Blockchain Smart Contracts: Principles and Use Cases

156 5th Ave

Cryptocurrency and Taxes - Learn What the IRS says for 2018-19

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The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain for Beginners

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