• Lightning talks event: New Speaker Talent Showcase

    “Sometimes you need to draw shrimps” Prina Shah, UX & data designer @ BBC News Have you ever been part of a team on a project that was snowballing and rapidly turning into a fireball straight to hell? This talk is about Prina’s journey into helping designers and developers work better together and some of her f*ck ups along the way; hopefully allowing you to deliver better projects and come away as happier teams. And yes, she’ll explain the shrimp. “Kicking Off” Nathaniel Okenwa, Student @ Goldsmiths University After training in Martial Arts for over 7 years, Nathaniel got involved in the tech community when he attended his first student hackathon. He instantly loved it and wanted to get more involved but was intimidated and felt like he didn’t belong. In this talk, Nathaniel will give some lessons learnt from his experience training and competing in Kickboxing and how they helped him to gain confidence in his approach to running events. “Specificity, as explained using an analogy of elephants.” Osania Robinson, Front-end Developer Have you ever wondered why parts of your site didn’t work as expected or change as you thought they would? It may have been an issue with specificity. What is specificity? It’s how the browser gives precedent to certain things and decides what CSS values are relevant based on whether you use element tags, classes or ids. This is a story about how Osania got a better understanding of specificity and why you should consider it. How do the elephants come into it? All will be revealed. “Let's Start Sustainable Use Of Mobile Phone” Zena Vatsa, Mobile Tester @ Tech Mahindra Mobile phones have been in existence for over three decades and they contribute a large amount of waste, with many phone enthusiasts changing their phone every year. We can do something about reducing the waste by using our mobile phones for longer periods of time. Zena will provide some tips and tricks to maintain your current phones and use of old phones. “Designing for Humans: Business Goals vs. Design Ethics” Miles Johnson, Designer @ thoughtbot As collecting data on application use becomes easier, designers increasingly rely upon these insights to create more user-centric systems. These insights can be misused to achieve business goals, rather than positive user experiences. This may be good design for business but from an ethical perspective, is this right? In this talk, we will explore how treating users as participants and independent agents, rather than obedient predictable data-points can help us to design systems that empower users while still achieving business goals. “The Future of Fintech is Feminine” Heather Whyte, Software Engineer @ Landbay FinTech doesn’t have to be an aggressive, cut-throat battle of the bros. What we need to take on the big banks are some old-school feminine qualities: Compassion, Collaboration, and Creativity. These are great attributes in building any software, but are even more crucial when you are dealing with something as stressful and complicated as money. Did you know that 77% of people in the UK feel stressed about money, and over a third are not financially literate? In her talk, Heather will explore how truly disruptive FinTech can reduce this stress and empower individuals by leaning into the power of the feminine. “From policing to programming: how I changed career when I turned 40” Suze Shardlow, Software Developer People who grew up in the 80s were surrounded by stories of the new, exciting digital age. Now in their 40s, some of those who came of age listening to Britpop now head up successful tech companies, while others took a different path and are now embarking on second careers as coders. Suze, a former marketing manager-turned-Met Police surveillance expert, shares her journey to becoming a software engineer in the year she turned 40 and discovering how things have moved on since programming her BBC Micro on the one TV in the house.

  • COED:CODE + COED:ETHICS: Ethics in Tech discussion and networking

    Coed:Code is running our first summit and conference about practical tech ethics from a practitioner's perspective: COED:ETHICS https://www.coedethics.org/ The conference itself will take place from 8.30am - 5.45pm at Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson Street, EC2A 2DB. Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coedethics-conference-tickets-46846580383 Following the conference, attendees are invited to continue the discussion and networking at the Pivotal offices from 6pm onwards. This evening event is also open to folks who were not able to attend the conference during the day but space is limited. Food and drinks will be provided, the doors will open at 6pm and the event will begin with a summary of the conference presented by our host, Anne Currie. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • COED:CODE - Technology and Processes to reduce the impact of Fake News

    Our next Meetup is Tuesday January 30th 2018. This time we will focus on the fake news problem, and how to combat it. 6:00 - 6:45pm Arrival / Food / Drinks / Networking 6:45 - 6:50pm - Intro/Welcome 6:50 - 7:10pm - Ingrid Lunden 7:10pm - 7:20pm - Lindsey Jones 7:20 - 8:10pm - Panel Discussion / Q&A 8:10 - 8:45pm - More Networking / Food / Drinks 8:45pm - Wrap up Ingrid Lunden is the news editor and a writer for TechCrunch, based out of London. Before TechCrunch, Ingrid worked at paidContent.org, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers startups, M&A, and all things tech. Lyndsey Jones is Executive Editor and Day Production Section Chief at the FT. She plays a leading role in the digital transformation of the FT in the face of fierce competition and technological disruption. Lyndsey has led successful mergers of teams and been a key member of the senior editorial management team delivering changes to working practices to maintain a viable, quality product. She has also had a vital role in streamlining editorial operations, reshaping the production effort to focus on digital first publishing, while taking a more disciplined and simplified approach to the print editions. She has also worked to design and implement the “broadcast schedule” for online publication. Melissa Arneau is a QA Engineer in the Correspondent Integrations team at WorldRemit Ltd. After working as an accountant for nearly a decade in Paris, she moved to London for a career change, passing via sales, medical assistant and store supervisor before joining WorldRemit. She is now working on transitioning from QA to developer via Treehouse and the Google/Udacity scholarship. Sonya Moisset is a Full Stack Software Developer and an Application Security Engineer for WorldRemit. Formerly she was a consultant with over ten years’ experience in International Business Development. Sonya is also a Tech Advocate, a mentor for women in tech, a writer on Medium for FreeCodeCamp publications, and an active member of the Tech community in London. Panel Moderator - Anne Currie Anne is an engineer who is enthusiastic about containers and everything else. She’s been helping to build complex software systems for over 20 years and is a co-founder of the Force12 project.

  • COED:CODE - Technology's Role in Eradicating Inequality & Poverty

    Our next Meetup is on Tuesday, November 21. This time we will focus on Technology's Role on Eradicating Inequality and Poverty Rough Schedule - 6:00-6:45pm Arrival / Food / Drinks / Networking 6:45-6:50pm - Intro/Welcome 6:50-7:20pm - Keynote 7:20-8:10pm - Panel Discussion / Q&A 8:10-8:45 pm - More Networking / Food / Drinks 8:45pm - Wrap up Keynote - Hephzi Pemberton, Founder, Kiteka (http://www.kiteka.com) Hephzi is a business founder, angel investor and believer in the power of good business to transform society. After completing a bachelor’s degree at Oxford University, Hephzi began her career in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers. In 2009, she co-founded Kea Consultants, a financial headhunting firm that specialises in investment and high-growth organisations, which she quickly grew into a profitable and sustainable business. At the end of 2015, Hephzi exited Kea Consultants to pursue her next venture. In 2016, Hephzi founded Kiteka (http://www.kiteka.com/) to enable female entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa to access digital opportunities through mobile technology. Research shows that women across this region are 25% less likely to own a phone than men, but when they do it directly increases their income and the opportunities for themselves and their families. The vision for Kiteka is to create an all-female, all-mobile network across Africa that is connected to the digital economy and enabled through technology. The pilot project in Uganda is working with 80 female entrepreneurs in Kampala, who have access to smartphones for the first time through a phone loan scheme. They meet monthly to learn more about business administration and technology, as well as peer mentor each other through the learning process. Within six months of launch, the Kiteka women are reporting an average 20% increase in their small business profitability through smartphone ownership. This is due to increased efficiency, connectivity with their customers and the opportunity to become mobile money agents using the smartphone. The digital outsourcing opportunities for the network are split between social media procurement and data labelling/cleaning for the AI and Machine Learning space. Kiteka is currently in pilot phase and looking for more UK based businesses to test the outsourcing services of the Kiteka network, as well as seeking advisors/trustees with either data science or software engineering backgrounds to help scale the business outsourcing process. This will be followed by a panel discussion on how Technology is being used to eradicate inequality and poverty. Our panelists for the evening >> Panelist - Kavita Kapoor Kavita (https://twitter.com/kavitakapoor) is a programmer, software designer and technology strategist. Although she has won a BAFTA she isn’t a Bollywood star. Yet. She looks after Asia strategy for Tido Music (http://tido-music.com/), an advisor to the Micro:bit Educational Foundation (http://microbit.org/) and a published author http:// http://bit.ly/29bw9j7 . She has previously held positions at London 2012 and Channel 4 Television. Panelist - Jenny Mulholland Jenny studied Physics at university and entered IT in 2006 as a graduate C++ programmer within Symbian’s Professional Services department, helping Motorola, Fujitsu and others make phones based on Symbian OS. In more recent years Jenny’s professional interests have extended into project management, and her current role in technical pre-sales where she helps Softwire’s customers explore their requirements and writes bids for new projects. Panelist - Taryl Law Taryl is an experienced educational social worker, specializing in work with young people with learning disabilities and their families. She is also cofounder of How Do I, an award-winning social enterprise that supports life and vocational skill development for people with additiona l needs, raising aspirations and providing real-time support into employment and independent living through assistive technology. Panelist - Elena Sinel Elena is the founder of Acorn Aspirations, an education start-up which designs learning experiences where young people across the globe interact with leading experts in artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and mixed realities, entrepreneurs, designers and marketeers to create solutions that solve real life problems. Prior to this, she worked as international specialist consultant with 9 years of experience in poverty reduction strategies, rural livelihood development and poverty alleviation with a specific focus on creation of small and medium enterprise development, product design, marketing and fundraising in Central Asia, the Balkans, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Panel Moderator - Anne Currie Anne is an engineer who is enthusiastic about containers and everything else. She’s been helping to build complex software systems for over 20 years and is a co-founder of the Force12 project

  • COED:CODE - Outreach - Getting People into Tech/STEM via Non-Traditional Routes

    COED:CODE's June Meetup's theme will be Outreach - getting folks into tech or stem via non-traditional routes and potentially without needing degrees. As usual we'll try to tilt it slightly towards server-side and ops/physical engineering. As usual, we will start with a talk, followed by a panel discussion. ROUGH SCHEDULE - 6:00 - 6:30pm Arriva;/Networking/Food Drinks 6:30 - 7:00pm Talk from Heather Williams 7:00 - 7:30pm Panel Discussion / Q&A 7:30pm up - More Networking/Food/Drinks TALK Our main talk for the evening will be delivered by Heather Williams (https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-williams-310ab921/). Heather started her career teaching design and technology in schools. Over the last 16 years Heather has been promoting engineering opportunities to young people through various projects on which she has led. Heather, now CEO of Young Engineers a membership and delivery organisation at the forefront of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEM) and the charities mission is to inspire the next generation of engineers. We'll be following this with a panel discussion, featuring a great group of panelists, including: Panelist - Eda Meadows After deciding she liked to code in her mid twenties Eda (http://linkedin.com/in/eda-meadows-88493445) started her career in tech. Transferring to help desk, support and finally development she took the scenic route to her role as a Scala Developer. Now 5 years on she is keen to push diversity in the workplace. Panelist - Kavita Kapoor Kavita is a programmer, software designer and technology strategist. Although she has won a BAFTA she isn’t a Bollywood star. Yet. She looks after Asia strategy for Tido Music (http://tido-music.com/), an advisor to the Micro:bit Educational Foundation (http://microbit.org/) and a published author http:// http://bit.ly/29bw9j7 . She has previously held positions at London 2012 and Channel 4 Television. Panelist - Chris Perry Chris’s background is in helping people overcome barriers and achieve their career goals. Chris is now working with employers to use the new Apprenticeship Levy as a catalyst to improve diversity within tech teams by creating new career entry pathways for aspiring software engineers. Panel Moderator - Anne Currie Anne is an engineer who is enthusiastic about containers and everything else. She’s been helping to build complex software systems for over 20 years and is a co-founder of the Force12 project See you on Wednesday, June 7!

  • Coed:Code: March Meetup


    "What to do next and how to get started?" This meetup will feature a keynote and a panel discussion on the theme of making the choice to learn a new skill or making a career change in technology - how do you pick what to learn and how should you get started? We'll kick off with a fantastic presentation: “All progress happens outside our comfort zone” In this talk Cyndi will share what she’s learned about making (and not making) breakthroughs at work over her 20 years as an engineer, managing director and entrepreneur. Think: honest personal storytelling - the good, the bad and the ugly - not lecturing. In her own words: “I don't have all the answers, but I can share what I know and hopefully spark a few new thoughts for anyone who wants to be fully self-expressed at work.” Speaker & Panelist: Cyndi Mitchell, Founder of Ayuda Heuristics Cyndi is a founder of Ayuda Heuristics which is using artificial intelligence and mobile technology to help people with diabetes do their daily self-care and live better lives. Prior to that, she was a senior executive at ThoughtWorks, a global software and services company for over 10 years. She also co-founded Logscape, an enterprise software company focused on log analytics. Cyndi was a software engineer at Oracle (Sun Microsystems) and Accenture (Andersen Consulting). She has 20 years of experience in leading engineering, product management, marketing, sales, support and services, including full P&L responsibility. She has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University. We'll be following this with a panel discussion, featuring a great group of panelists, including: Panelist - Jimena Cabrera Notari Jimena is an experienced Infrastructure and Go developer. Having spent the last few years leading the “DevOps" transformation at one of the UK’s largest retailers, she has taken a new challenge with Forbes 4th Hottest Startup of 2014. When Jimena is not orchestrating large scale platforms or solving complex problems with Go, you will find her organising the Women Who Go London meetup group or enjoying craft beer at her local pub. Panelist - Anne Currie Anne is an engineer who is enthusiastic about containers and everything else. She’s been helping to build complex software systems for over 20 years and is a co-founder of the Force12 project Panelist - Sarah Binney, Junior Developer, Softwire Sarah is a Junior Developer at Softwire, a North London-based software consultancy. She enjoys web development with Rails and building Android apps, and in her spare time trying to get young women into tech. Panelist - Sonja Schweigert, Director, Web Marketing, WeaveWorks Sonja runs Weaveworks' web marketing strategy, execution, and measures our ability to connect users with the right solution. She recently spent 3 years running the web content strategy at VMware. Prior, she spent 5 years at Cisco in roles spanning tech support, digital marketing, and web strategy. She's been in tech industry for over a decade at large companies and small startups. The panel discussion will be moderated by Paula Kennedy of Pivotal. Agenda: 6.00pm - 6.30pm: drinks, food, networking 6.30pm - 7pm: presentation from Cyndi plus Q&A 7pm - 7.30pm: panel discussion plus Q&A 7.30pm onwards: drinks, food, networking THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS!

  • Coed:Code - Let's All Go Cloud Native!

    Campus London

    "Let's all go cloud native!" This meetup will be all about how to get started with some of the exciting new tech for developing amazing apps. We'll kick off with a fantastic presentation: "Getting the Cloud Business Ready" Initially, cloud technologies were all about the infrastructure. But infrastructure is a funny thing because infrastructure becomes a commodity. This is why we’re at the edge of Cloud hitting its peak -- and its first best use -- via the platform layer. Abby Kearns will discuss the future of cloud technologies, what drives enterprises to adopt these technologies in droves, and which development languages matter now, more than ever, and why. Speaker: Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation A true tech veteran, Abby’s 18 year career has spanned product marketing, product management and consulting at a mix of Fortune 500 and startup companies. As the first fellow at Cloud Foundry Foundation and VP of Strategy, Abby was responsible for structuring and executing operational and strategic initiatives, as well as leading the User Advisory Board and Industry Special Interest Groups. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was part of the Product Management team at Pivotal, focusing on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Previously, Abby led a Product Management and Product Marketing team at Verizon that focused on cloud services. We'll be following this with a panel discussion, featuring a great group of panelists, including: Diane Mueller-Klingspor Diane currently works as a Community Lead at Red Hat on their Kubernetes-based container application platform, OpenShift Origin. Bridget McErlean Bridget is a Software Engineer at Bitnami. Agenda: 6.00pm - 6.30pm: drinks, food, networking 6.30pm - 7pm: presentation from Abby plus Q&A 7pm - 7.30pm: panel discussion plus Q&A 7.30pm onwards: drinks, food, networking Thank you to the following sponsors!

  • TECH THE HALLS 2016 - Women in Tech Christmas Celebration

    WE HAVE BEEN INVITED TO TECH THE HALLS 2016! (Please note RSVPs should be done via Eventbrite - see link below) Mark your calendars! and join us on Friday, December 16, from 6pm up as we celebrate the wonderful Women in Tech groups in London / the UK. With the help of Google Women Techmakers we are bringing 20+ Women in Tech organisations under one roof to highlight the work that each organisation does and to celebrate the holiday season! Come and enjoy yummy food and nice festive drinks with us this Friday evening! Dress Glam - wear one of those stylish pieces of clothing in your closet or Dress Fun - time to take out that Christmas jumper or time to get a new one! HOW TO GET TICKETS Tickets (limited in number per group) have been allocated to members of the groups below. ---------------------- REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE --> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tech-the-halls-2016-tickets-30113221456?discount=coedcode ---------------------- POLITE REQUEST Often at free events, the drop out rate can range from 50-60%, which means food/drinks prepared have to be thrown away. Please only register if you are 100% sure you can attend. TICKETS ARE MARKED "SOLD OUT"? If you find the tickets for the link you've been given is already sold out, choose the "Register My Interest to Attend" ticket and if places go free, we will release them to people who have registered their interest. SOCIAL MEDIA If you are posting on social media, please use the following handles and hastags - Twitter - include handle @tech_the_halls (http://www.twitter.com/tech_the_halls) and hashtag #techthehalls2016 Facebook - look for this page - https://www.facebook.com/techthehallsevent/ Instagram - include handle @techthehalls_event and hashtag #techthehalls2016 WOMEN in TECH GROUPS PARTICIPATING THIS YEAR A (http://adaslist.co/)23 Code Street (http://23codestreet.com/) Ada’s List (http://adaslist.co/) Campus London Women Community (https://www.campus.co/london/en/programs#learn-campus) Circle (http://circlecommunity.co) CodeFirst: Girls (http://www.codefirstgirls.org.uk/) Coed:Code (https://www.meetup.com/Coed-Code/) DevelopHer Digital Mums (https://digitalmums.com/) EmpowerHack (http://empowerhack.io/) Gay Women’s Network (http://www.gwn.org.uk/) Ladies of Code (http://www.meetup.com/Ladies-of-Code-UK/) Ladies That UX (http://ladiesthatux.com/) Lesbians Who Tech London London TechLadies (https://www.meetup.com/London-Tech-Ladies/) Mums in Tech (http://mumsintechnology.co.uk/) PyLadies London (https://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesLondon/) R Ladies (https://www.meetup.com/rladies-london/) Rosie The Restarter SheWorx (http://www.sheworx.co/london/) Stemettes (http://stemettes.org/) Tech{K}now: Women TLA Women in Tech (http://tlawomenintech.org/) Women Hack for Non Profits (http://www.womenhackfornonprofits.com/) Women in Java (https://www.meetup.com/Women-in-Java/) Women in VR Women in Wireless (http://uk.womeninwireless.org/) Women of Wearables (http://www.womenofwearables.com/) Women Techmakers (https://www.womentechmakers.com/communities) Women Who Code Women Who Go (https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Go-London/) If you are aware of other Women in Tech organisations not listed above, whom you think should be invited, let the organisers know! (It's possible they might have already reached out to them, but it's also possible they haven't, especially if they are not aware of them yet.) Email [masked]. ---------------------- REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE --> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tech-the-halls-2016-tickets-30113221456?discount=coedcode (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tech-the-halls-2016-tickets-30113221456?discount=womenwhocode) ----------------------

  • IoT Workshop - Get Started with the Open Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up a new world of possibilities and opportunities. This workshop will give you hands-on experience programming and configuring a device with a sensor that communicates over a LoRa network, then building a simple application to read back and display the data. Harness the power of open technologies to build an end-to-end hello world application! NOTE: This workshop will be run in conjunction with Women Who Code London - if you are already confirmed via WWC London, no need to sign up here. This is the WWC London Meetup link, to check if you are already signed up there - https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-London/events/232898019/ ALSO NOTE:' You need to bring your laptop to this workshop. This workshop is open to all levels, and will include introductions to the technologies involved such as MQTT, the defacto IoT standard for data exchange and LoRa, the long range low power technology designed for the Internet of Things. We will be using Arduino boards to connect to a luminance sensor to provide data. Attendees are also welcome to bring their own sensors to make a custom application. Example applications that can be built in 2 hours: - Send push notification when a bike is moved while it is locked - Monitor trashcans and display levels on a map - Monitor parking space and show directions to nearest free space This workshop will be run in conjunction with: - Eclipse Foundation ( http://iot.eclipse.org/ ) and - Things Network ( https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/ ) The Eclipse Foundation accelerates development of IoT stacks using open source technology. The Things Network is on a mission to build an open, crowd sourced and decentralized data network using LoRaWAN. ROUGH SCHEDULE 6:00pm - 6:30pm - Arrival / Food / Drinks / Networking 6:30pm - 6:35 pm- Brief intro / Welcome 6:35pm - 6:45pm - A short talk from Intel 6:45pm - Workshop starts Google Maps link - - https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/4+Pentonville+Rd,+London/@51.5318764,-0.1092935,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48761b434702177d:0xa57d854b4bc3d96!8m2!3d51.5318731!4d-0.1071048 PREPARING FOR THE WORKSHOP Please bring your laptop along for the workshop. We will be using the Arduino IDE which you can pre-install before the workshop. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software (it's free, the donation is optional). Arduino kits and a luminance sensor will be lent to participants (which will have to be returned at the end of the workshop). You are also welcome to bring your own sensors if you wish. The workshop will cover the main technologies (LoRa, MQTT, ThingsNetwork), but if anyone is interested in some pre-reading you're welcome to have a look at these links: 1. The Things Network http://thethingsnetwork.org (http://thethingsnetwork.org/) 2. An overview of MQTT https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/11/12/using-eclipse-iot-101-mqtt-will-get-you-started-your-iot-journey/ Food and drinks will be provided, sponsored by Intel and Eclipse Foundation. Johan Stokking of the Things Network and Benjamin Cabé of the Eclipse Foundation will be leading the workshop. Nisha Ruhomutally from Intel will also be giving a short talk on Intel's commitment to IoT and diversity. Weaveworks and Redmonk are also sponsoring this event (as well as other COED:CODE Meetups).