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We are now the WORLDS largest DevOps Meetup!

If you're a DevOps, Operations or Development person in London, interested in hearing war stories surrounding DevOps from like minded individuals then this group is for you.

It's a chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies through 3 short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to discuss it after over drinks/snacks with new friends and old.

We started this event as as we love DevOps and have seen an insatiable demand for more knowledge about it from teams running online/cloud services in London. We now run it monthly and have become London's largest DevOps Meetup attracting the best speakers and crowd interested in sharing the best ideas around DevOps with the community.

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DevOps Exchange 50th Meetup @ Tech. Festival


It's The DevOps Exchange's 50th Event (it's the 51st actually, but don't tell anyone). As promised, we always said we would put on a special event for the occasion. We've managed to partner with The Tech Festival, a 2 day two-day festival of digital commerce and the technology driving it. 3000 attendees, 800 companies and a ridiculously high calibre list of speakers. https://www.tech-festival.com/ Tickets for the actual event are £2,000 each. The DevOps Exchange, have managed to get hold of 100 free tickets to the event, for DevOps Exchange members. The event runs on October the 2nd and 3rd. The first 100 members who register for the event on Eventbrite (not Meetup), will be given a ticket for the two day conference. The Eventbrite link is here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/devops-exchange-free-ticket-giveaway-to-tech-festival-tickets-7965329515 The actual DevOps Exchange Meetup, will be held in the late afternoon of the conference, and you will not need a ticket to attend the Meetup, it's completely free to attend. If you wanted to go to the 2 day conference you will need a ticket. The Agenda for DOXLON is still to be confirmed, but As always we'll also have a great line up of DevOps related talks, which are to be confirmed. We'll have a set capacity for the event, so please RSVP now to secure your place. We look forward to celebrating with you... All the best, @thedoxhub Sponsors LinuxRecruit (http://www.linuxrecruit.co.uk/) LinuxRecruit introduce great people, to equally great companies across Europe. Come and say hello to learn more! We. Are. Hiring... SHAPE (www.weshape.io/) Shape are a Cloud, DevOps and Agile consultancy with a difference. Deploying squads, delivering outcomes, creating lasting value.

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DevOps Exchange @ The Telegraph

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