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Meet software developers of all skill levels to share resources, learn, and form discussions around cloud hosting and DevOps topics including configuration management, containers, databases, monitoring, virtualization, scalability, performance, and more.

This meetup is for developers, by developers — we invite you to join us, help organize the next meetup (http://do.co/newmeetup), or give a demo/talk (http://do.co/meetuptalk).

DigitalOcean (http://www.digitalocean.com/) is the world’s fastest growing cloud computing platform built for developers. Our mission is simple: we’re passionate about making complex infrastructure simple and delighting our customers with a seamless experience that brings them joy. New users can easily deploy a blazing fast cloud server with an intuitive control panel interface, or on a larger scale with the company's straightforward API.

Join the DigitalOcean Community (https://www.digitalocean.com/community) to learn more, and please read our Events Code of Conduct (https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/1NEGQNUz8-36SAnOoW8GR_1iNyd4m1aT2CV1IZIlotKA/edit?usp=sharing).

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