Infinum JS Talks #16

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Another JS Talk is just around the corner!
This time we have a big topic for you - server-side rendering. Come and see why you might want to implement SSR and what goes into enabling it for Angular and React applications.

Server-side rendering in React & Angular
Ivica Batinić & Filip Voska, Infinum
-> In this talk we will go over all the bells and whistles of server-side rendering (SSR) enabled applications. This is a big topic so the talk will consist of three parts - first, we will cover some common concepts which go into making any SSR application; later we will explore some implementation details in Angular and React.

We also have two exciting giveaways!

In collaboration with JSNation we will give away one free Community ticket for JSNation Conference 2019 which takes place in Amsterdam on Friday, June 7.

We will also be giving away one license for a JetBrains product of your choice (for example WebStorm).

As always, there will be 🍺 and muffins. Looking forward to seeing you!