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There is a great opportunity in the Information Technology market at the moment. IT Contractors are currently some of the highest paid professionals in the UK. Being an IT Contractor has a great deal of reward associated with it, yet it also has a number of challenges that must be faced and overcome before you can find the success that you desire. This group is about discussing mainly IT Contracting Topics and learn from other members different ways of managing your contracting career , how to keep up to date with upcoming HMRC tax regulations,get a new contract through our network members.

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It has been a while since we all had a proper catch up. I am sure IR35 is hot topic on the list. Let's network and hear about your views and tips to tackle it. We are working with few tech companies products in DevOps Automation.It will be good to know what tools and best practices are used at your place. In the end we welcome any topic that can useful to IT Contractors Community. Please feel free to network and meet other members.

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