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Study the global trend of Crypto Technology and Business models, including ICOs / TokenOfferings marketing and technologies behind, with case study.

Moscow Crypto Tech n Business Meetup is to study global trend of Crypto or Distributed financial system or apps, ICOs/Token offering, business model and technology behind. Case study two or three each week, without drinking much but with reading whitepapers and codes. Tech Session is for engineers especially those who actually code. Business side ladies n gents, or designers or traders, please visit ICO Case Study Session, that , anyone welcome.

This meetup doesn't necessarily encourage ICO practice, but is to study business models and offering cases and technologies behind. Currently Japan U.S. China are three major countries not favorable for current ICO practice globally conducted.

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ICO / Token offering case study session #15

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ICO / Token offering case study session #12

Domodedovo Moscow Airport