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Moscow International Events
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Tiki Bar

Sadovaya Kudrinskaya 3a · Москва

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FREE ENTRANCE. To join, say the password 'INTERNATIONAL' just after the entrance to the hostess upstairs. You'll get the wristband of the party for free, and you'll recognize other members of our group at the party, wearing the same wristband.

Изображение местоположения события


------ Nothing changed, same venue, time and fun :) due to weather conditions we'll gather inside the bar, not on the terrace --------

The 6th edition of our succesfull and most friendly event will bring you a great surprise...! As always a great venue, great people, socialize and fun, and the purpose of our meeting won't change: socialize, practice languages, drink and eat in a nice environment and spend a fantastic Friday night together ;) We won't miss the 3 elements that made this event a regular hit event to not miss at 'Tiki-Bar', in Sadovaya Kundrinskaya 3a, near Barrikadnaya metro station:

- place: the main dancefloor and plenty of space for talking and socializing in a friendly and pleasant venue
- peole: we'll bring people from many different language meetings in Moscow, ensuring a always fresh and active environment
- format: we'll start on Friday at 19:30 straight after work, promoting interaction and socializing among members of our group.

So what's new? Tiki Bar opened the summer terrace, and we'll have full access to it and to the indoor VIP area for our International Meetup. For talking, playing games and socializing before the music starts and we all enjoy the pop/latino hits on the dancefloor!

We'll have plenty of space and time for us. Get your FREE wristband at the entrance (say the password: INTERNATIONAL immediately at the entrance, upstairs) and you can join our group, and get the 10% discount on all menu JUST for our people all night long (at the bar).

The New International MeetUp is conceived as a small International Party (the well known, biggest event of such a kind in Moscow) and we expect to have between 100 and 200 guests regularly at this event, making it the second (by number of attendants) event organized by MIE on a monthly basis. The venue will be the same during the nextcoming International Meetups, offering a big space, convenient location and an interesting 'party' program with international music for the second part of the meetup.

IMPORTANT: here's the whatsapp link, for the group where we'll post all info:

ATTENTION: Our main monthly event schedule includes, as always, the International Meet-UP and the International Party, together with other smaller events, check them out at: