Build a simple token smart contract using TypeScript.

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NEO Colorado and NEO-ONE are partnering with Galvanize to host a workshop that aims to teach developers how to build a simple token contract with TypeScript in about an hour!

This event is oriented towards JavaScript developers of all levels, from beginner to phenom. However, all blockchain enthusiasts are welcome!

Alex Fragapane will be the instructor for the evening. Alex is a software engineer with NEO-ONE, a developer group that created NEO Tracker (a block explorer) and other tools for the broader NEO blockchain community.

Agenda for the evening:
- 6:00 pm - Arrive and settle in
- 6:10 pm - Intro to NEO-ONE (by Dylan Grabowski)
- 6:20 pm - Demo NEO-ONE Lesson 1: How to Build a Token (by Alex Fragapane)
- 7:05 pm - Q&A
- 7:30 pm - Free work time - Continue building your token or try a new idea.

**It is highly recommended participants bring their computer.**

Prior to the event attendees can review the "Environment Setup" ( page to get set up. If you run into any issues while setting up the environment, no problem, you can ask Alex for help at the workshop!

Pizza and drinks will also be available, complements of Galvanize.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and building something fun!