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The NOVA Makers Meetup group is dedicated to creating and supporting a Maker community in Northern Virginia. Everyone with a passion and interest in making things is welcome to join! We have many hobbyists, inventors and small businesses here who use our woodshop, metalshop, laser cutter lab,3d printing, drone/robotics/electronics zone, thermoformer, and jewelry/stainedglass/leatherworking/arts studio. For more information visit our website https://www.nova-labs.org/ (https://www.nova-labs.org/contact/)

Questions? https://www.nova-labs.org/contact/

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MW: Enco Metal Lathe Red Sign Off

*Nova Labs (Conference Room 2)

80,00 $

Learn how to safely set up and operate the metal lathe. In this class, we will walk through the best safety practices and techniques for using our Enco 12 x 36 metal lathe. - Sign off: Enco 12 x 36 metal lathe - Tools Covered: Enco 12 x 36 metal lathe - Prerequisites: Green Orentation is required for sign off.* Additionally, this class requires metalworking knowledge. We strongly suggest anyone taking this class to take Metalshop Yellow first unless they have significant metalworking experience. - Mandatory Safety Dress Code: Metalshop dress code enforced. Comfortable closed-toe shoes; no jewelry; no loose clothing; long pants, and hair/beard tied back. ==>DO NOT wear synthetics. *You may take this class before taking GO, but you may not use the tools listed except when supervised by a certified adult or key member. You have 30 days to take GO or the sign off is forfeited. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Class is required for everyone wishing to use the listed tools, regardless of experience level. After taking this class, inexperienced or moderately experienced people should select a project and come in for help and practice on Metalshop Mondays Open Office Hours. Note: Must arrive within 15 minutes of safety class start time. Refund and Events Policy: https://www.nova-labs.org/class-and-event-policies

DC Virtual Reality in VA – Building VR Games for Oculus Quest

Nova Labs (Classroom A)

Tetherless VR devices have finally come to their own. Now, we want to write our own apps & games. This month we have John Nelson of Computation, Inc who will lead us through the joys of Oculus Game Development. Join us for the November DCVR NoVA chapter meeting for a special Oculus Quest development presentation from longtime software developer John Nelson as he breaks down the process of game development for the new Oculus Quest 6DOF Virtual Reality headset using the Unity 3D engine. John will highlight the differences between 3DOF and 6DOF VR headsets and the ease of construction using Unity. Guests will have the opportunity to play with the Oculus headset to get a feel for the 6DOF style of navigation. Learn more about the Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/quest/ Learn more about Unity 3D: https://unity.com/ John “Tiger” Nelson is a computer scientist with over 39 years of professional experience. He is President and Senior Consultant at Computation.com Inc., a small IT consulting company based in Northern Virginia and a frequent speaker at local meetup, developer and special interest groups. John’s current projects include applications In machine learning and AI, virtual reality, game design, and macOS and iOS development. John is a long-time gamer, photographer and media hobbyist. He uses Swift, Unity, Unreal Engine, SceneKit and ARKit among other tools. Mr. Nelson wants to build worlds when he grows up. Remember, there is plenty of free parking! Everyone is welcome to come early and have a tour of the facility. Tours of Nova Labs will also be available newcomers! AGENDA: 6:30 pm – Informal gathering/tours of Nova Labs 7:00 – 7:15 pm – Intro with Steve Sheets 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm – Presentation & Questions by John Nelson 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Wrap Up Before and after the meeting, there will be an Open Discussion. Please feel encouraged to bring any of your own devices that would help the topics. Join us at DCVR in VA. We will meet once a month in a variety of rotating locations. Contact Steve Sheets ([masked]) or Joseph Cathey ([masked]) if you have suggestions for topics, or are interested in presenting.

Arduino group meeting

*Nova Labs (Classroom B)

There's a big community for Arduino (embedded electronics in general) within Nova Makers. This group meeting is for those people with projects and questions. If you're experienced with Arduino, come over too - we need answers to all the questions. Bring your Arduino projects (in any state, even napkin sketches). We can do anything from learning where to start - to talking about Arudino specifics. The agenda is up to you.

CiviCRM Kickoff Meeting

*Nova Labs (Conference Rm 3)

We are looking for volunteers to help build the replacement for our aging member database, events system, and maybe more. Please come by if you are interested in learning more about our plans or would like to get involved. Volunteers needed include (but are not limited to), Drupal developers, CiviCRM developers, PHP developers, Web designers, AWS experts, and probably development and IT folks of many other flavors.

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FTC 8535 Team Meeting (private)

*Nova Labs (Classroom B)

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