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Что мы из себя представляем

Rustech Group is for social and commercial entrepreneurs-gamechangers.

Our goal is to be a platform for both meaningful discussion and collaborative execution in start-ups of all kinds.

Here is how we are different:

1) The meetups are invitation-only events attended by industry executives and successful entrepreneurs.

We are also selective about the presentations you will listen to.

2) We foster friendly and trusting atmosphere.

Professionals who want to promote their services, promote their personal brand, or pitch their startup or, alternatively, investment fund, are advised to "pay it forward", i.e. contribute to a meaningful discussion. Selling is not alllowed per se. Adding value is the best way to become visible and respected.


[Esli vy ne chitaete po-angliyski, obyazatelno sprosite perevod u organizatora Anastasii]


Прошедшие мероприятия (15)

SVOD'19 Evening Talks and Reception

Требуется местоположение

Paul Asoyan (Google) about How To Sell Technology!

Требуется местоположение

The Opportunity of the Cloud (Palo Alto, Nov 15)

Требуется местоположение

20,00 $
Halloween TEC-Start in Silicon Valley for cool startups!

Требуется местоположение

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