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If you are interested in
-Learning Photography (http://siaphotography.in/workshops/hyd), or in
-Photowalks in Hyderabad
-Exploring India (http://siaphotography.in/tours) and around
and would like to meet more enthusiastic people like you and learn together with
Saurabh Chatterjee (http://siaphotography.in/saurabh) ( http://siaphotography.in/saurabh ), this is the place for you.
Website (http://siaphotography.in)

Предстоящие мероприятия (5+)

Let's explore the Street of Bamboo handcraft workers

Требуется местоположение

Read the description completely Let's meet at MJ Market and explore the street of bamboo handcraft workers. . . What you learn : * Environmental portraits. * Storytelling compositions. * Street photography . . What you need : * Camera DSLR or SLR or Mirrorless * Kit lens or Prime lens of 35mm or 50mm * Smartphone users also welcome. . . Photowalk leady by Mr Naveen Janga[masked]https://www.instagram.com/nwinphoto/ . . Fee : Rs 350/- for non SIA members and free for SIA members . . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVWBUtRTiRPI2mfMcOys9Cg

Lahaul Spiti Valley Photo Tour 2019

Требуется местоположение

ALL THE DETAILS FOR THE LAHAUL SPITI VALLEY PHOTO TOUR 2019 IS HERE AT https://siaphotography.in/photo-tours/lahaul-spiti-valley-photo-tour-saurabh-chatterjee/ About the Trainer Saurabh Chatterjee : https://siaphotography.in/saurabh/ FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT SAURABH CHATTERJEE AT[masked]

Photo tour to Kongala Waterfalls

Требуется местоположение

Basis on First come first serve Limited seats only Let's explore the hidden beauty of Kongala waterfalls. . . A walk through village and Lush green landscapes. . . What you need : * A camera with kitlens or your personal choice. * Sturdy tripod * ND filters * Shoes * Umbrella * Torch light . . What we capture : * Village street photography * Landscape photography * Architecture photography. Places to cover : Journey starts at 11.00pm on 21st, Saturday and will return back on 10.00pm on 22nd, Sunday. * Kongala waterfalls * Bogatha waterfalls or Mutyala dhara * Ramappa Temple Photo tour mentor : Mr Naveen Janga[masked]https://www.instagram.com/nwinphoto/ Cost per Person : Rs 2300/- (includes transportation to and fro, breakfast, lunch, tea). To confirm your seat pay as soon as possible. Payment Mode : Google pay or Phonepe to[masked] Or for account transfer please contact Mr Naveen Kumar Reddy Janga at[masked]

Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

Film Nagar

Unprocessed pictures are like half-baked cakes; learn how to make the most out of your images. The workshop will cover the complete workflow, right from importing a picture from the memory to having a final processed output. About the Trainer – Saurabh Chatterjee Saurabh is an official Tester of Adobe Lightroom and works on the unreleased versions to provide inputs on the product. Prerequisits – Laptops with LR5 (or higher version) installed. If you don’t have one, you can share with someone else. Participants will be working simultaneously on the files for practice. You can download from here - http://www.adobe.com/in/products/photoshop-lightroom.html Please find ALL INFO ON THE CLASSES HERE - http://siaphotography.in/workshops/photoediting-in-photoshop-lightroom/ Cost – Per participant – Rs.3000/- — DISCOUNTS Cost for 2 participants – Rs.5000/- (Rs.2500/- per participant) Cost for 3 participants or more – Rs.6000/- (Rs.2000/- per participant) About the trainer Saurabh Chatterjee - http://siaphotography.in/saurabh Contact Saurabh[masked] To confirm your participation contact[masked]

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Basics of Photography and Beyond

Film Nagar

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