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Her Tech Story with Sophia Vicent | Women In Tech Speaker Series

**THIS EVENT IS INVITE ONLY** We're happy to announce our third women in tech meet-up in Hyderabad on the 24th of November at 5:30 PM. Sophia has managed multiple technical product disciplines in both big and small firms, With product management as her core skill, she will walk you through her journey as a Wonder Woman in Tech. Sophia Vicent is the founding member of the Technical Program Management team at Uber and built the team of 70 people over her five and a half year tenure at Uber. The TPM team partners with engineering and product to deliver complex cross-functional programs in infrastructure, product, security and compliance. She also manages technical learning for Uber Engineering, which includes the Technical Writing team and Engineering Training Team. Before coming to Uber she took ten years “off” to raise her daughter, now 16. Prior to this break she worked for several startups, including NetGravity, which was acquired by DoubleClick and (subsequently bought by Google to provide internet ad serving solutions). Her early career was spent building large customer systems for utility clients at Accenture. Registration: http://bit.ly/uberhertechstory • NOTE : This event is invite only. Please use the form above to register; we will reach out to you post registration and confirm your seat. Speaker: Sophia Vicent, Senior Director Uber, San Francisco

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