ZK-TLV 0x08: on Confidential Smart Contracts and VDF in Ethereum 2.0

Zero Knowledge Tel Aviv
Zero Knowledge Tel Aviv
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Samsung NEXT TLV

Arania Osvaldo St 17 · Tel Aviv-Yafo

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For our eight and Blockchain Week special Zero Knowledge event, on September 12th, we are pleased to host two world renowned speakers: Oleg Andreev, protocol architect at Stellar and author of ZkVM and Justin Drake, Ethereum 2.0 researcher leading some of the efforts around VDF.
We will be talking about ZkVM, a novel blockchain design, allowing for scalable confidential smart contracts and Verifiable Delay Function, one of the fundamental concept behind Ethereum 2.0.

- 6.30pm: greetings, food and drinks
- 7.15pm: Oleg Andreev will present ZkVM, a novel design for a multi-asset blockchain, that enables scalable confidential smart contracts
- 8pm: Justin Drake will give a talk on RSA Verifiable Delay Functions and its implications for Ethereum 2.0

The event will finish at 9.30pm.
Talks will be given in English.

For more details, here the abstracts and bios of our speakers:

ZkVM is a novel design for a multi-asset blockchain, that enables scalable confidential smart contracts. ZkVM elegantly combines some of the best ideas in the industry in a unified architecture.

Transactions are Turing-incomplete programs that perform operations on financial Values and satisfy smart contract conditions. Smart contracts operate on encrypted data. While VM executes a transaction, it assembles all smart contract conditions into a Bulletproofs constraint system on the fly, and, in the end, verifies it with a single proof. Transaction effects are limited to deletion and insertion of unspent outputs (UTXOs); this enables fully parallelized verification and a very compact state via the Utreexo scheme.

As a result, ZkVM blockchain is fast, scalable and simple, preserves confidentiality of the data and assets, and enables complex high-level protocols (such as decentralized order books and payment channels).

Oleg Andreev is a software engineer and protocol architect at Stellar. With past background in UI design, Oleg focuses on making complex cryptography practical and easy to use. Oleg is author of Gitbox version control app, CoreBitcoin and BTCRuby libraries, co-author of Dalek Bulletproofs implementation.

RSA Verifiable Delay Functions

A Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) is a cryptographic primitive tied to physical time through sequential computation. The properties of VDFs make them especially promising for blockchains, e.g. as a tool to generate unbiasable randomness. This talk will focus on RSA-based VDFs which are being pursued by a consortium of blockchain foundations known as the VDF Alliance.

Justin studied mathematics at Cambridge University. He was a Bitcoin entrepreneur from 2014 to 2017 and is now an Ethereum 2.0 researcher.

Join the discussion and get the slides on the zero knowledge facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/800441673459620/

The event is sponsored jointly by Beam.mw (https://www.beam.mw/), Qedit(https://qed-it.com/) and Samsung Next