• NDC for Community: Build VS Buy software components + Mötley Crüe and Mödern JS

    We have a tradition in our community! We meet the evening before NDC for listening to speakers from the conference. Same venue as NDC has, best-of-the-best speakers from NDC. Welcome! ========================== The event is free for Framsia meetup members. The only obligatory thing you need to do (in addition to setting RSVP) is getting your free ticket here (it will take 30 sec): https://ndcoslo.com/page/ndc-community-tuesday/ Please note: there will be 5 different local meetups (Angular Oslo, Mobile Meetup, NNUG, C++ User Group and Framsia) going in parallel in Oslo Spektrum that evening. You need to register only once to attend any of them. We are working on inviting the best NDC speakers to speak at our event, the program will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please reserve your seat. ========================== 17:00 - 17:30 Snacks from NDC and mingling 17:30 - 18:15 Build vs Buy: Stop To Think if We Should at Jurassic Park by Todd Gardner, President and Cofounder at TrackJS JavaScript Error Monitoring We were so preoccupied with whether we could, we didn’t stop to think if we should. Nowhere at Jurassic Park was this more true than how we developed software. Having the wrong software and support structures was a key factor in the failures of our first park. We were entrepreneurs launching something new and architects integrating an enterprise. And our decisions had lasting consequences. Deciding which problems were worth our time was foundational to our failure. Join us for a retrospective of software systems at Jurassic Park. We’ll dig into case studies and explore our successes and failures. We’ll uncover the options, costs, and risks inherent in deciding what software to build, what to buy, and alternatives in between. We’ll explore the opportunity cost of building systems, the sustainability of open-source, and the risks of vendor lock-in. You’ll leave equipped to make better decisions and avoid the pitfalls we made at Jurassic Park. 18:15 - 18:30 Break 18:30 - 19:15 Mötley Crüe and Mödern JavaScript by Eric Brandes, Founder, consultant, code janitor at TrackJS JavaScript Error Monitoring Rock and roll is littered with bands that just didn’t pan out. For every AC/DC there is a Whitesnake. For every Metallica there is a Rick Springfield. Front end development follows a similar arc. Ideas like server rendering and script minification are classics. They are the White albums of web technology. Others, like Angular 2, are misguided and destined to fizzle like the careers of Warrant, Tesla or the Scorpions. Join me for an irreverent look at the state of front end development viewed through the lens of a rock and roll historian. We will be showcasing effective front end techniques and technologies, while helping you avoid the one hit wonders. You’ll learn solid fundamentals and a critical eye for new tech, so you can embrace new frameworks that are more like the Beatles, and less like Poison. ========================== About the speakers Todd Gardner Twitter @toddhgardner Todd Gardner is a curmudgeon of a developer and cofounder of TrackJS, where he helps thousands of developers find and fix bugs in their web apps. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. He is also the producer and host of PubConf developer afterparty. You can find him online at TODD.MN (yes, that’s his website). Ask him about craft beer, cool pubs, and maintainable software. Eric Brandes Twitter @BrandesEric Eric is an entrepreneur, founder, and consultant. With more than a decade building advanced web applications for clients, he enjoys challenging best practices and ignoring the echo chamber. Please, do not forget to get a free ticket here: https://ndcoslo.com/page/ndc-community-tuesday/ ========================== See you at Spektrum!

  • John Papa visits Norway: Vue & Angular in the Cloud + VS Code Can Do That!

    We (a collaboration of Norwegian developer meetups) are happy to announce: John Papa is coming to Norway and holding two technical sessions for the local developer communities! **** There is no need to RSVP in this meetup group - please get your free ticket here: https://john-papa-for-dev-community.eventbrite.com The number of seats is limited! **** This is a great chance to meet John in person, ask him technical questions, and watch two technical sessions presented by him. As a community-driven initiative, this event is free to attend. Thanks to our sponsors, we have a top-notch venue and food/drinks served this evening. Agenda: 17:00 - Doors Open 17:30 - Vue / Angular to the Cloud Your Web app is complete! Now it's time to deploy it to the cloud. But how? One key ingredient is determining our goals. Do you want to publish directly from your laptop or through source control and CI/CD? Do you worry that it may work differently on your machine than the cloud? What about locking down versions of node, packages, and OS? Is your head about to explode? We'll demonstrate how to code, debug, and run docker locally to have confidence that what works locally will work in the cloud. The good news is that tooling has improved to make all of these deployment options within your reach to guide you to successfully deploy your app to the cloud. 18:30 - Break 18:45 - VS Code Can Do That?! How do you debug so easily in VS Code? What's are those key combinations to edit the code so quickly? What extensions are the ones I shouldn't code without? Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, demo-heavy talk that takes you through some of the best and most effective tips and tricks in VS Code. Learn how to setup your environment and customize it the way you like it. You'll walk out with several tips on how to be more efficient with one of the hottest tools on the Web today! 19:45 - Chatting, mingling, networking Sponsors: - Bouvet - awesome venue - Microsoft - food & drinks Organizers: - Angular Oslo meetup - VueJS Oslo meetup - Framsia meetup - Mobile Oslo meetup About John: John Papa is dedicated a father and husband, a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft, and alumnus of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft RD and MVP programs. His passions are deploying and teaching modern web technologies and enjoying everything Disney with his family. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, and many popular Pluralsight courses. You can reach me at johnpapa.net or on Twitter at @john_papa.

  • Get your Service Worker on!


    Originally of Canadian extraction, Alexander Pope now works and lives in the wilds of Oslo, keeping one eye on the sky as he works on the weather for NRK and Yr.no. We will first enjoy his critically-acclaimed (at JSConf EU, JS Kongress, etc.) talk "Outbreak", followed by a session dedicated to Service Workers testing. 18:00 Outbreak: index-sw-9a4c43b4b4778e7d1ca619eaaf5ac1db.js August 30, 2016, was by all accounts an average Tuesday, and release number 523 just a simple re-factor, but something went horribly wrong that day: bad code escaped from the office, and it quickly spread to infect tens of thousands, giving rise to a hoard of zombie ServiceWorkers! This is a disaster about a typo. This is a thriller about technology out of control. This is a tragedy about wasted CPU cycles. This is a cautionary tale about living in the age of ServiceWorker. 18:40 Service Workers testing The goal of this talk is to provide some practical examples and methodologies for testing service workers that you can take away and apply in a fashion that works for your project and team.

  • NDC for community: Squashing JavaScript Bugs + JavaScript Metaprogramming

    We start a new tradition in our community! We meet the evening before NDC for listening to speakers from the conference. Same venue as NDC has, best-of-the-best speakers from NDC. Welcome! ========================== The event is free for Framsia meetup members. The only obligatory thing you need to do (in addition to setting RSVP) is getting your free ticket here (it will take 30 sec): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/community-tuesday-2017-tickets-33989901711 ========================== 17:00 - 17:30 Snacks from NDC and mingling 17:30 - 18:15 Squashing JavaScript Bugs by Todd Gardner (http://ndcoslo.com/speaker/todd-gardner/), President and Occasional JavaScript Developer at TrackJS The web is a dirty place. Traces of stacks litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their context in the corner. Load times are slowly crawling along the window. Join me for a live debugging session as we find and squash different kinds of browser bugs. You leave armed to stomp out your own bugs and cleanup your JavaScript app. Todd H Gardner is a veteran web developer and cofounder of TrackJS ( https://trackjs.com ), where he helps thousands of developers find and fix bugs in their web apps. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. He is also the producer and host of PubConf developer afterparty ( https://pubconf.io ). Ask him about craft beer, cool pubs, and maintainable software. 18:15 - 18:30 Break 18:30 - 19:15 JavaScript Metaprogramming - ES6 Proxy Use and Abuse by ​Eirik Langholm Vullum (http://ndcoslo.com/speaker/eirik-langholm-vullum/), Independent JavaScript Consultant​ This un-polyfillable / un-transpilable feature now has first class support in all the latest browsers and node.js But what is it even? And why do I need it? Let's take a closer look at this mysterious new metaprogramming feature with some useful, abuseful and just plain fun uses of ES6 Proxy, including things like: ​- ​Data relations and object population ​- ​Safe objects (cannot read property 'x' of undefined no more!) ​- ​Debugging and testing ​- ​Validation and guarding Metaprogramming can be both fun and useful! Eirik is an independent full stack developer and consultant that loves all things JavaScript. He's also a wannabe functional programmer. Eirik has helped international startups build products and helped a wide range of companies build web applications and coach their teams. He is a co-organizer of the ReactJS Oslo meetup and also speaks regularly at conferences. What makes him tick is solving hard problems with simplicity and teaching others to do the same. ========================== Please, do not forget to get a free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/community-tuesday-2017-tickets-33989901711 ========================== See you at Spektrum!

  • Web Rebels Community Evening

    Scandic Vulkan

    Framsia is happy to be a part of Web Rebels (https://www.webrebels.org/) this year by organizing this free pre-conference event with the speakers, who are Web Rebels participants. This is a great opportunity to feel the spirit of Web Rebels and meet the speakers from this amazing event. The venue: Ristorante Ferro bar of Scandic Vulkan (ex-V-Bar). Web Rebels ticket holders will be able to exchange their ticket to an access pass during this evening. Web Rebels news: • Last tickets are on sale (https://ti.to/webrebels/2017)! Take your chance to join Norway's main JS event. • A special "Learn to P2P" workshop (https://www.webrebels.org/#workshops) is available for everyone (not only for Web Rebels ticket holders). Get your ticket for just 134NOK! (https://www.webrebels.org/#workshops) Community Evening Program: 19:00 Do Androids Daydream of JavaScript Sheep? by István 'Flaki' Szmozsánszky, Mobile & web dev @ Mozilla / DPC Consulting As our IRL and digital lives became more and more intertwined computers exceedingly started to demand more bandwidth to our perception. We're not quite at the utopian (dystopian?) Matrix-y direct brain interfaces yet*, but immersive computing (XR/VR/AR) and its devices are surely at our doorsteps (and, for some, in our living rooms). VR and mixed reality improves on both the "downlink" and "uplink" bandwidth of human senses: providing not just increased information flow and visual fidelity towards our senses, but also brand new ways to interact with the machine. Emergence of sophisticated VR hardware is just one thing though: software and content to drive it all, and providing easily accessible authoring tools for this emergent ecosystem proves to be equally challenging. Building these immersive experiences, lowering the barrier of entry for both content creators and consumers is bound to be key to future growth — and this is exactly where WebVR comes into play. In this talk I will talk about WebVR (webvr.info) (http://webvr.info/), this forming browser superpower that is cross platform, progressively enhanced, affordable and accessible to a wide range of audiences. How come the Web is a perfect fit for VR content? Why should You care and how do You start developing? Join us on Wednesday a I try to answer all these questions. * although, depending on how keen you are on you believing Elon Musk's visions, we might be closing in on that one as well. 19:30 Break, mingling, and networking 20:00 Anyone can Art.js by Mathieu 'p01' Henri, creative coder, technical speaker, demoscener, JavaScript developer and size optimizer extraordinary. Microsoft engineer on the persona cards by day. Coder artist of tiny realtime audio visual animations by night. You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, understand how things work to see the patterns beneath. Your only limit is your soul. Bringing some creativity to your craft, and making art, shall make you a better developer. This talk will touch on creative coding, the demoscene, a range of optimisation techniques and the creative mindset. Then we will code a little Audio-Visual demo together. About Web Rebels: Web Rebels (https://www.webrebels.org/) is all about the the community and good times. The Web Rebels conference is a JavaScript conference and we are proud members of the JSConf family of events (http://jsconf.com/). We are a conference for developers who love building applications and services using web technology.

  • A future without browsers + Web Audio API + FlowType

    Welcome to a new meetup. It will be hosted at FINN.no, and there will be served drinks, beer and pizza from around 17:30. -- 18:00 A future without browsers By Kenneth Auchenberg 30-45 minutes I’ll take you through a journey of the web browser history, and provide with a perspective on how the web apps of the future will look like in a world, that's increasingly dominated by mobile devices, and constrained by new challenges such as limited power, battery and connectivity. The web and the apps you build today will continue to be relevant, but maybe in a different way from what you expect today. Who knows, maybe browser you use today won’t exist in the future. About Kenneth is a Program Manager at Microsoft and lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he leads the next generation of web developer tooling. He's a Global Shaper for Word Economic Forum, serves on multiple advisory boards, and is a frequent public speaker who travels the world. -- Short break -- 18:45 FlowType By Tor Arne Kvaløy ~20-30 minutes FlowType brings types to javascript. That is not only about strings and numbers, but to hardness data-structures and function signatures. This talk introduces FlowType by giving code examples and some best practices. About Tor Arne is lead front-end developer at FINN småjobber. He is passionate about development of front-end technologies, especially in relation to productivity and developer experience. -- Short break -- 19:15 WebAudio API or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the computational graph By bftj 30-45 minutes Web Audio-in' it up w/ Web Audio API, Moz://a (Mozilla) Firefox, and pimpin' music video visualizations. About Aleksander Vognild Burkow, Sigve Sebastian Farstad, Christoffer Tønnessen and Stian Jensen work as software developers for Telenor Digital at Fornebu. They have been part of the Norwegian demoscene for several years already, where they go under the group name Ninjadev. See their impressive compo results and demos at pouet.net (http://www.pouet.net/groups.php?which=11702). In their day to day job, they've also made good use of Web Audio and related APIs. -- Big thanks to FINN.no for hosting and sponsoring beer & food. They are hiring: http://www.finn.no/apply-here

  • Progressive Web App Roadshow / Norwegian Edition

    Progressive Web App (PWA) Roadshows (https://developers.google.com/web/events/pwaroadshow/) are local events where speakers and developers get together to learn about the amazing new set of technologies that are revolutioning the mobile web. This evening we invite the speakers from local and international companies for they to share their opinions and updates on Progressive Web Applications today's state. 18:00 A Progressive Image Library Web App by Alan Semenov, Lead UX Developer at Enonic In this talk Alan will share his experience of building a Progressive Web Application on the Enonic XP platform. The application called “ImageXPert” helps you build and manage a collection of hi-res photos, index the library, convert images on-the-fly and much more - with offline support! We’ll touch upon using service workers to cache static assets, store data offline with IndexedDB and synchronise with remote storage when the app goes online. 18:40 Progressive Web Apps: building the right experience by Andreas Bovens, Progressive Web Apps believer. Former Opera for Android Product Manager. This talk will focus on new interaction patterns we can see in the first generation of progressive web apps: web install banners, web push notifications, etc. are still relatively unexplored terrain, so it's interesting to analyze how early adopters implement them. We will also explore what makes progressive web apps particularly suited for emerging markets. 19:20 Mozilla on PWA related technologies: where we are and where we are going by Alexander Saladrigas, Mozilla Tech Speaker PWA related technologies are already shaping what the future if the web would be. This talk will cover the philosophy being applied by Mozilla to implement this technologies and how does it fit with the Mozilla mission. We will take a look at what already works, what is being developed and what is further in the horizon. See you in MESH!

  • Why you should start using TypeScript ASAP + Building Apps with TypeScript

    18:00 Why you should start using TypeScript ASAP The title says it all :) By Alex Pope, Senior Software Developer at Microsoft 18:45 Building Apps with TypeScript So you've heard about TypeScript before, maybe even have written a line or two. But how does it work out in practice? We'll look at how to build apps with TypeScript and talk about some of the good and bad things that come along with it, as well as how to resolve them. By Mike Hartington, Developer Advocate at Ionic

  • Chrome Dev Summit Keynote Livestream


    Let's meet and watch the Chrome Dev Summit keynote + the first talk "Building Progressive Web Apps Today" together + talk and have fun and drinks. This is co-meetup with GDG Oslo (http://www.meetup.com/GDGOslo/events/235074706/) https://developer.chrome.com/devsummit/ ========= 19:00 Keynote Darin Fisher, VP, Chrome Engineering The state of Chrome and the Web Platform today, from the leader of the Chrome team. 19:30 Building Progressive Web Apps Today Thao Tran, Strategic Partner Development Manager Progressive Web Apps are all about improving your user experience. Thao shares some success stories and gives some guidance. ========= Agenda (PST time): https://developer.chrome.com/devsummit/schedule See you in MESH!

  • WebGL i 2016 og Animasjoner


    Note: this meetup will be held in Norwegian. 18:00 WebGL i 2016 av Robert Bue fra Good Morning • Hva er WebGL • Hvordan komme i gang • Hva er statusen for WebGL i 2016 og hva vil fremtiden bringe • Hvordan kan det brukes for kunder 18:40 Animasjoner av Jørgen Blindheim fra Netlife Research Hvor, når og hvordan bruke animasjoner på nett. En gjennomgang av animasjonsbruk fra caser som Norwegian, Arbeiderpartiet, Sonans, Task Analytics og flere.