• The Co-Founders Road Show

    91springboard Hitec City

    200,00 ₹

    Hello Everyone! Every Startup Knows, team is very important for startup success. We come up with idea for team building i.e "The Co-founders Roadshow" to host series of meetups at all coworking spaces. Let's Meet passionate team to share your startup goals. Pitch, Connect, Collaborate to welcome great team in your startup. It is informal meetup to start discussion on one topic for some time and lead the team discussion as moderator. Topics like How to Prepare Pitch Deck for Investors, Idea Validation, Business Model, Go To Market Strategy, Funding, Mentoring, etc Resources. Important, Will Announce Your Requirement from Tech, Marketing, Investment, Content, Creatives, UX, Digital Marketing, etc Needs. Meet New People, Increase Your Network, Get more support. Networking is key to scale your startup journey. Note: Your Startup Introduction should be complete within 90 seconds. About iDoneSEO: iDoneSEO is a peer to peer community of Digital Marketing Professionals and enthusiasts for knowledge and opportunity sharing. We have been conducting meetups, events that emphasize on the future and uplift the awareness of Digital trends for the upcoming industries and other markets. It gives me immense excitement to share that it has been 6 years and we as a team were able to conducted 75 events and workshops in and around Hyderabad, that includes Mentoring sessions, Growth Hackathons ,Summits and many more.

  • Advanced Google Ads Workshop

    91springboard - Hitech Kondapur

    3 000,00 ₹

    Learn How To Drive Consistent, Reliable, High-Quality Traffic To Your Site Every Single Day With Google Ads! This workshop will help you set up your Ads account, choose the best campaign structure, choose the best keywords, write effective ad copy, and track and optimize the performance of your campaigns. The Theory Behind the Marketing Key Features and Capabilities of Google Ads How to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups and keywords lists for desired results What keywords are and how to use them to your advantage How to write killer ad copies Incredible Dynamics of Google Auction Negative Keywords – In Depth Review Remarketing – Setup Lists Like A Pro Ad Extensions – Best Practices Strategies Profitable Bidding Strategies Keyword theme strategies Analyze Keywords data to optimize campaigns for its optimum levels Tracking Basic tracking Conversion tracking Tracking Micro and Macro conversions Conversion Rate Optimization How to use Google Optimize to set up A/B testing Landing Page Analysis Analyzing A/B test results and launching a follow up test in Google Optimize Reporting Google ads Key Performance Indicators Report Breakeven Cost per Conversion and Conversion Rate Generating leads/sales through Google ads alone does not solve the business problem, the lead data has to be integrated with the Email Automation/CRM tool for further optimization. Here is the bonus session on email automation from iDoneSEO, solely aim to help businesses to build the proper funnel. Email Automation: We help you to set up ActiveCampaign account, integrate it with the WordPress website and much more: How to Integrate the leads with Email automation tool How to create lists & forms, email blasts, and build incredible automations so you can multiply your business with marketing automation How to split test campaigns and automations to improve open and click-through-rates This course is for: This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of Google Ads regardless of business type (digital goods, eCommerce, services, brick & mortar, etc.) Individuals and small businesses that want to take advantage of Google ads advanced marketing strategies and Email automation strategy to grow their business Once you attend this workshop, you should be able to work on Google ads platform and integrate it with Email automation tool on a professional level. Unless you have the right tools, skills and marketing mindset, you are not going to manage the campaigns in a professional level. Only 15seats for Workshop. Confirm Your Ticket ASAP @ https://www.meraevents.com/event/advanced-google-ads-workshop?ucode=organizer

  • Two Days SEO Agency Bootcamp

    Quanint TechSoft Pvt Ltd

    999,00 ₹

    Are you looking real time SEO Work Environment in Digital Marketing. This Workshop is beneficial to all students , irrespective of their courses and, working professionals, Startups, Businesses. Get Practical SEO Training with sitting an Agency Culture to generate reports for A Client / Industry. You are in right place to join SEO Agency Bootcamp Experience ! ✅ Course Details Below:- What is SEO? Why it is important On page Optimization Offpage Optimization MetaTag Title, Description, Keywords Keyword Research HTML & XML Sitemap Link Building Types About Google Webmaster / Analytics About Google Adsense / Adwords SERP Report Initial Analysis Report Also, will cover Domain, Hosting, email marketing, etc Value Added Topics. We will have in-depth Q&A session for 30 mins Bring Your Own Laptop with fully Charged :)

  • World Social Media Day - 2019

    Phoenix Arena

    Hello everyone! We are hosting World Social Media Day on June 30th at Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad as to build a space for influencers, creators, makers , innovators across the social media platforms . Let's Celebrate Social Media Day to create awareness on Social Media Importance. Social Media Day is annual global event celebrated every year in the month of June. It is an important day to celebrate not only as someone who is interested in the evolving medium, but also as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, as a student looking to create opportunities using Social Media. Connect with Influencers, SME's, Startups, Brands, Aspirants, Students and Networking with like minded people. This time, We have Classical Dance Performance, Great Networking, Influencers Storytelling to Share Interesting Stories for People Inspiration. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:00 to 4:30PM : Registrations & Networking 4:30 - Welcome Note 4:40- Classical Dance by KMKR Academy 5:00- Sridhar Nallamothu - Founder, Computer Era 5:15 - Syed Hafiz - Founder, Telugu TechTuts 5:30 - Diyanant Ali - Founder, Great Hyderabad Adventure Club 5:45 - Classical Dance by Sumadhura Academy 6:00 - Namrata Sadvani - City Editor ( Hyderabad ) Momspresso 6:15 - Shagun segan - Founder, Eat Trip Click 6:30 - Gopi Raja - CEO, Fopple technology's 6:45 - Classical Dance by sastry 7:00 - Sandeep Kumar Boddapati - CEO, Eagle Media Works 7:15 - Ram Manohar - Founder, Fun Pataka 7:30 - Gulnar Virk Krishna - Founder, Hashtag Marketing 7:45 - Closing note ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Storytelling Open Mic * Entertainment * Networking -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit for More Details on Agenda: https://www.idoneseo.com/social-media-day/ For Sponsorships, Custom Branding Ideas - Contact @[masked], CHAKRI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: We don't have parking facility at venue. ------------------------------------------------------------------

  • [Partner Event] 91SpringBoard Kondapur Hub Launch :)

    91springboard - Hitech Kondapur

    Hi, 91springboard is gearing up to launch their biggest hub in Hyderabad and you’re invited. The latest hub in Kondapur that opens its doors on 14th June 2019. Curating an action packed day of events designed so you network with some of the best and brightest the Hyderabad ecosystem has to offer. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store: 1. Life's a pitch- Some of the best start-ups from the city will pitch their ideas to a panel of investors. 2. Speed Networking- Rapid-fire sessions between attendees, connect with other innovative minds. 3. Panel Discussion- Multiple panel discussions across the hub on various interesting topics, giving rise to fresh ideas and strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars today! Register below to be part of the celebrations. https://forms.gle/ZReu5vEXYQ1sgKrX7 Want to pitch to investors? Apply for Life’s a pitch: https://forms.gle/Jbi1Mhq6r1ACoCR47

  • Life's a Pitch at 91Springboard Kondapur Hub Launch

    91springboard - Hitech Kondapur

    Some of the best startups from the city will pitch their ideas to our panel of investors, making this one of the most exciting sessions of the evening. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on knowledge about the startup ecosystem in Hyderabad and what are the startups that you can look out for in the near future. We have also planned a networking session for all the attendees where you can meet a bunch of diverse and like-minded people in the city and make a connection to grow your business. Once the event is over you will have a chance to interact with the investors informally, be a part of this event and let us make #ournetwork bigger and better. To attend this event please register here: https://bit.ly/2WBD0xp

  • Panel Discussion at 91Springboard Kondapur Hub Launch

    91springboard - Hitech Kondapur

    Of the many events that we have lined-up for the Kondapur hub launch, one is a Panel discussion wherein we have invited the who's who of the ecosystem and people who have a well of knowledge to share with us. The Panel Discussion is being conducted in an unconference style. Therefore, each topic will be discussed simultaneously in different sections of the venue. Attendees can be present at the one that interests them the most. Not only will this help in quality discussions, but it will also facilitate better networking. The topics for the Panel discussion are as follows: - Women Entrepreneurship: What the future looks like for women entrepreneurs Challenges and wins of the ecosystem What we learn from women who go against the flow to start companies - Learning from Failures : Find out how difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations Is there is a secret recipe to success What founders have learned from their many struggles - Startup Ecosystem in Hyderabad: How supportive the Hyderabad ecosystem is at the moment What are the loopholes (if any) that need to be addressed immediately Could Hyderabad be a sleeping giant that we could tap the potential of Government initiatives that entrepreneurs must know of Do we really have investors & programs encouraging entrepreneurs directly with equal amounts of tangible and intangible support Please register here: https://bit.ly/2WBD0xp

  • Speedup Your Start-up Success with CX

    Workwild Innovative Workspace

    299,00 ₹

    Dear Startups, This time We are Inviting Pranav Kumar to talk on "How Can Entrepreneurs Harness Customer Experience (CX)? The session will be interactive and active participation required by each individual. * Conceptual understanding of CX and how is it different from CRM, customer service, customer engagement etc. * Business value of CX - is there any proof of its impact? * 6 Core Functions of CX * CX in eCommerce & digital marketing * CX Metrics * Technology in CX * Case Study * Roadmap to CX adoption for MSME (micro, small and medium enterprises). * Further learning recommendations * Q&A ----------------------------- Speakers Brief: Pranav Kumar Chief Experience Designer Praakamya - CX Design consultancy firm, Hyderabad. Pranav's mission is 'spreading smiles' around. He has around 24 years of experience in various functions viz customer experience, CRM, innovation projects, marketing, healthcare profession education, design thinking, user experience, growth idea developing & execution, employee experience, patient experience, sales management, public relations and mass communication. He has a bachelor degree in Journalism and an MBA with a marketing major. He had worked in 2 top pharmaceuticals Cipla and Dr Reddy's before starting his consulting business Praakamya. He blogs at www.customercentricity.in ------------------------------------------- About iDoneSEO --------------------------------------------- iDoneSEO is a peer to peer community of Digital Marketing Professionals and enthusiasts for knowledge and opportunity sharing.We host educate for entrepreneurs and digital geeks who are looking forward to explore opportunities, know trends and network with people in the digital marketing space. - https://www.idoneseo.com/ Get Tickets @ https://startupbyte.com/events/speedup-your-start-up-success-with-cx

  • iDoneSEO Wordpress Bootcamp

    iKeva Madhapur Hyderabad

    990,00 ₹

    Planning to Start Own Website, Want to Add New Skill in Your Profile. We have DIY Practical Training on WordPress with Industry Expert: Learn How to Create, Edit, Publish on Your Own ! By the end of this workshop, you’ll learn below entire steps. BootCamp is Only for Limited Seats to give practical training. Reserve Your Seat ASAP - Hurry Up! Objectives of the Course Importance of the WordPress and its advanced features create, maintain and manage your own website or blog How to insert audio, video, images into the website Customization of the pages moderating comments on site Learn the widgets create and share the content on the various platforms and make money online Pre-requisites of the Course Basic knowledge over the Internet is enough Who can attend this course Anybody interested in WordPress You don’t need any special “technical” knowledge to attend this course Familiar with using the Internet Website Builders WordPress Developers Bloggers WordPress Introduction to Complete WordPress Course for Beginners Introduction to Blogging Intro to WordPress and Content Management WordPress.org and WordPress.com Getting Started Installing WordPress Admin Tour Pages and Posts Creating Pages Creating Posts Forms in WordPress SEO and Meta tags Plugins in WordPress Portfolio Gallery Video Gallery Downloads WordPress Themes Downloading and Installing Themes Theme customisation Some Useful free WordPress Plugin Contact form to create contact form Display Widgets to hide widgets on specified pages All in one SEO plugin for WordPress SEO You can buy domain, SSL, Wordpress Hosting @ https://shop.idoneseo.com/ ---------------------------- Limited Seats Only . Hurry up for Registrations @ https://www.townscript.com/e/wp-bootcamp

  • Digital Marketing Conclave

    91springboard Hitec City

    499,00 ₹

    Get together on 14th April, 2019 for the Celebration of iDoneSEO 75th Event at Hyderabad. Walk in at 3:00 PM for a meet-and-greet before the registrations happen at 3:30 PM. 3:15pm to 3:45pm - Registrations and Networking 3:45pm to 4:00pm : Welcome Note Welcome note by the organisers, a short and crisp dialogue, setting the pace for the day. 4:00pm to 4:30pm "Open Mic for Nano / Micro Influencers" 2 mins for influencer to tell your Channel and Followers, Engagement Rate, etc case studies. 4:30pm to 6:30pm : Speaker Talks "Growth Strategies Using Quora" by Mohammed Azharuddin, Founder of ITinfo Digital "Email Marketing Trends 2019" by Kranthi Sabbani, E-mail Developer "Blogging in Telugu" by Ravi Koganti, Founder of Smart Telugu 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM - Announcements / Photo Op / Closing Note 7:00 PM - Networking! Hurry up for Early Bird Registrations @ https://www.townscript.com/e/digital-marketing-conclave