Blockchain Implementation in Healthсare industry

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Hello to all crypto-enthusiasts and blockchain-learners!

I am happy to announce our next meetup in this season - Blockchain in Health industry.

Our first speaker will present the role of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare:

Tremendous developments of the blockchain technology happened over the last few years, and the interest for potential applications in healthcare is growing. However, the quest for a compliant digital health system that guarantees privacy and efficiency continues. Moreover, for successful development and adoption of such system, multiple challenges have to be addressed from the ethical, legal, technical and social perspectives. In this talk Alevtina Dubovitskaya will present applications of the blockchain technology in healthcare and analyze the challenges of adopting such system in medical practice.

-- introduction: basics of the blockchain technology
-- Opportunities of blockchain implementation in healthcare
-- Challenges in blockchain adoption (ethical, legal, technical, social, etc.)

Background of the speaker:
Alevtina Dubovitskaya is a Research Assistant in the Applied Intelligent Systems Lab (AISLab) at HES-SO working in the team of Prof Dr M. Schumacher. She is also an external PhD candidate EPFL, co-advised by Prof Dr K. Aberer. Her PhD thesis focuses on building systems and protocols for privacy-preserving data exchange and aggregation, with an application to the healthcare domain. Since 2016, in collaboration with Stony Brook University and University Hospital in USA, she is working on a blockchain application for the consent management when sharing healthcare data for primary care and research. Her research interests are blockchain, eHealth, privacy, and distributed Systems. Alevtina has been awarded with the Best Paper Award for the paper on application of blockchain technology in healthcare at the Swiss eHealth Summit 2017.

Our second speaker will demonstrate how Blockchain technology can be integrated into Business in Healthcare:

Michel Mohler will present Digipharm, the first blockchain platform for fair pricing in healthcare.

Value-based healthcare with Digipharm addresses the uncertainty surrounding the cost of treatment relative to patient outcomes. It rewards manufacturers & providers for improving patient outcomes, incentivises innovation, & encourages the transition to patient centric healthcare.
DIGIPHARM bypasses infrastructural limitations to:

- Implement value-based pricing agreements using blockchain technology.
- Develop unprecedented evidence platforms.
- Reward patients for contributing their data.

Background of the speaker:
Michel Mohler acts since May 2018 as CFO for Digipharm – a Swiss Start-up that implements value-based pricing agreements using blockchain technology. He is responsible for accounting, banking, tax related topics, financial planning and investor management. Prior to this role Michel worked for almost 7 years for UBS as a relationship manager of large corporates. He advised companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics of the University of Basel.

Program of the evening:
18.30 - doors open, networking, drinks and snacks sponsored by InnMind

19.00 - Alevtina Dubovitskaya

19.45 - Digipharm (Michel Mohler)

21.00 - end of the meetup

Time: 18.30 - 21.00
Place: Impact Hub Lausanne, Rue du Jura 11
Entrance: FREE

This meetup will give you an opportunity to get together, listen to a presentations, learn about major trends of blockchain in healthcared, ask your questions, do networking and enjoy your time drinking beers!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 28th June at 18.30!