Unlocking Barriers to Data Sharing

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We have a data economy. But it’s a shadow data economy. It’s opaque: Google and the like keep the data to themselves for competitive reasons (data siloes). And, power is concentrated, such as Zuckerberg with his fiefdom of 2 billion people.
Companies who know how to utilize the data they have are accruing all the value, while there are companies who have data but do not how to use it. With a new data economy, we hope to enable data sharing in a safe and secure manner with blockchain, while educating on companies how they can utilize new technology to utilize their data and come up with new business models.

Join us this evening as we dive deep in with Ocean Protocol and CollaboGate to find out more about the challenges and practical use cases of building A New Data Economy.

Event Rundown:
6.30 pm - Registration
7.00 pm - Presentation by CollaboGate + Q&A
7.25 pm - Presentation by Ocean Protocol
7.40 pm - Demo for Ocean Protocol + Q&A
8.00 pm - Networking


Yoshinobu Shijo, President of Osaka Division at CollaboGate, Ph.D Student at Osaka University, Japan. His academic research includes IoT and blockchain integration, especially IoT data distribution market and controlling IoT devices based on data. Ex-CTO at LastRoots, where developed new cryptocurrency called "c0ban" and blockchain-based video Ads platform.

Founder of Ocean Protocol, Daryl Arnold, an entrepreneur experienced in data, marketing, technology and sustainability, Daryl is passionate about building businesses from the ground-up and had achieved hundred million dollars plus of sales from Asia, Europe and America. Following successful exits in the digital marketing space, Daryl now focuses on Smart Cities, Active Ageing, Civic Innovation, Open Data and Internet of Things.