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Tuesday Night Washington Park Run

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Washington Park

E. Virginia Ave. at S. Franklin St. · Denver, CO

How to find us

Look for runners in the fire station parking lot, at the NE corner of the park at Franklin and Virginia

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Please join us at Washington Park on Tuesday night for a run! All abilities are welcome and you can run your own pace and length. Like in past meetups, there is generally a mixed crowd that attends, so chances are good you'll find someone to run with.

Meetup Location and Time

We meetup near the corner of Franklin and Virginia in the parking area of the fire station at the Northeast corner of the park. We start to run promptly at 6:30 PM, so please be on time!

Running Path and Distance

We run counterclockwise on the outer gravel trail that follows the perimeter of the park, which is ~2.6 miles. The inner road is also an option at ~2.4 miles. The left lane of the inner road is the path for runners and pedestrians, and avoid the right lane which is for bikes and cars. There are options to cut across the park for a shorter distance. Please review the park map ( to familiarize yourself with the paths and options.

Laps and Pace

Some people run one lap, while others run two...some people even show up early and run a pre-lap before their 2 laps. The group tends to have a wide variety of paces ranging everywhere from jackrabbit 6 minute miles to slow & steady 12 minute miles, but whatever your pace, we welcome you out.

Informal Pace Groups

We do not formally organize pace groups. If you want to run with someone, please introduce yourself on the event webpage or before the run. Generally, we follow the model that one naturally falls into a pace group. While in that pace group introduce yourself to start a conversation. Unfortunately, not everyone will find someone to run with depending on the night. People commonly run alone, but socialize before or after laps at the park and at the pub. Overall, don't be shy! Feel open to introducing yourself if you are new, and existing people please introduce yourself to start new conversations. Meetup groups are what you make of it.

We Run in Most Weather

We will run in most weather. Please use your own discretion for example avoiding running in lightning. But we have run in -10 degree temps, and rain, and snow, so expect someone to be there for the run.

Trail conditions and Gear

The trails might be clear, muddy, snowy, icy, etc., so make sure to wear the proper equipment. In icy and snowy conditions you should consider Yak Traks or Micro Spikes or a trail shoe with more traction, and in mud consider waterproof shoes. The inner road will be more clear usually than the outer trail, so that is always an option.

Depending on the weather wear the appropriate clothing and layers. In wet or cold weather, you might consider a change for after the run.

If it is dark or becomes dark during the run, it is recommended to wear a headlamp or have a small flashlight because the park lighting is not always sufficient.

Recovery after the Run (the pub visit)

After the run many of us regroup next to the fire station and then visit a pub! We run and hang around the park for about an hour, but usually in cold weather people head immediately to the pub. So, if you don't see anyone after the run, we are at the pub because we are anxious to warm-up and/or hangout.

The pub location is announced before the run. Feel free to ask anyone for directions if you are uncertain about the location. As the group has gotten bigger we have a more informal visit to the pub. We sometimes have a combined table, while other times we have multiple tables, or mingle at the bar. Nonetheless, this is a great time to meet people and hang out, so please join us!

Animal friends...

Feel free to bring your dogs. Just be aware of leash laws, etc.


There is plenty of street parking available adjacent to the fire station/park on both sides of Franklin and east of Franklin on Virginia.

It's free...

The run has always been free, however, any donations are greatly appreciated to cover the hosting fees for the group. Or feel free to buy me a beer!