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Haul a pumpkin for 2 miles over obstacles

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This looks like a blast, benefits Childrens Hospital and prices go up in 1 week! There is a $5 discount code out there right now: crazypumpkin

The Great Pumpkin Haul is a 2 mile jaunt through forests, open fields, over creeks, hay bails, and through the scenic Botanic Gardens. There is a catch though: you will be covering these two miles carrying your very own personal pumpkin! That's right. Before the "Haul" you will have a chance to go pick out your very own pumpkin from Chatfield'spumpkin patch (the pumpkin is included with entry). We will weigh it and mark it and you will be ready to go! Only the best Pumpkin Haulers will finish with out dropping theirpumpkin and for the love of fall, don't pick one that is too light. You need the biggest orange orb you can find!
If you just aren't feeling quite up to the task of carrying a 10-20lb pumpkin for 2 miles of crazy fun then grab a friend and form a team where you can "share the load".

We will have awards for the faster hauler, the hauler carrying the heaviest pumpkin, the faster team, and also a "tough pumpkin" category for those brave enough to take on 2pumpkins solo.
After the Haul, enjoy hot apple cider and pumpkin spiced beer, music and annual corn maze, but don't get lost!