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Grand Canyon and Surroundings - Южный Каньон и Окружности
Let's go to Grand Canyon and Surroundings! At this time, late fall, we will only be able to see the South Rim side of the canyon. Let's think about what we would like to see exactly as there are many named and unnamed viewpoints and trails: Places to visit: Day 1 - Las Vegas, NV: - Hotels/Casinos - Show "Ka" - Fountain Day 2 & 3 - Bryce, UT/Grand, AZ Canyons: - View points - Easy trails Day 4 - Death Valley, CA: - View points - Scenic drive Day 5 - Sequoia National Park, CA: - View points - Easy trails Day 6 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Walk & sign - Getty center / Universal studios ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Budget (airfare, car rental/gas, hotel, food, some entertainment): Бюджет (перелёт, оренда машины и бензин, отель, еда и некоторые развлечения): ~ $900 - $1100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information, please, follow the posts and contact me directly! High level route map: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Поехали на Гранд Каньон и Окружности! Мы сможем посмотреть только южную часть каньона в конце осени. Давайте подумаем что бы мы хотели посмотреть среди многих названных и не названных обзорных точек и троп! (см. список выше) ###################################################### Attendance note: 1. If you mark Going, I expect you to come to the event 2. If I see that people mark going and do not come, they will not be able to join my future events after several times of absence 3. Come any time, bring your rocket, balls and good mood, so we can play or learn *** Запись посещения: 1. Если вы записаны как Идёте, я ожидаю что вы приходите на мероприятие 2. Если люди записанные как идущие и не приходят, то после нескольких таких повторений они теряют возможность присоединяться на мои мероприятия 3. Приходите в любое время, приносите ракетки, мячи и хорошее настроение для игры или обучения

Grand Canyon National Park

S Entrance Rd · Grand Canyon, AZ

What we're about

New York Russian-American Tusovka Group is a nonprofit group created to bring together NY's young Russian-American in their 20's to 40's and anyone who wants to have a fun . Unlike other meetups this group is not about quantity or about filling up a place with people, we keep the events small so you can actually have a chance to meet everybody and find new friends.

We have members from all former USSR, as Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan and etc. We speak different languages, but we have one thing which union us- FRIENDSHIP.

We are not living to work, we working to enjoy our life. Every year we attending a lot of Russian Rock Festivals, where you can meet people not only from New York, but from whole America.

We are a society of active, adventurous and physically fit people and with healthy social and professional lives. Our goal is to make new friends, have fun, and contribute to the social value of the group

We are unique group, as we have huge range ideas. Our activities included:

Camping, dancing, skiing trips, picnics, bowling, hiking, movie nights, pooling , singing, playing guitars , visiting restaurants.

Every winter we go to Russian Banya, it is best Russian Tradition!!!

This is group for active Russian speaking people who wants and love to live and chill.

We love adventures and we don't care where it will be.

All fun people from Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bronx are WELCOME!!!!!

Rule #1. Take your event reservation seriously.

Reserve YES to attend and update to NO if plans change. No last minute changes. This is not a group for flakes.

Rule #2. If you joined- PLEASE PARTICIPATE, nobody bite you....Just relax and enjoy!!!!

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