Lightning~ish Talks - First Edition


We would like to invite you to a round of lightning talks covering various rust topics!

The talks are going to be 10 to 20min each.

18:00 Doors open

18:30 Pizza + beverages

19:00 Talks start

Location, food and drinks are provided by the awesome people from TNG Technology Consulting, thank you very much!

Topics (final!) that will be presented are

- "Template Engines - t4rust" by Sebastian
- "libtock-rs - an introduction and overview" by Woyten and Philipp
- "Sneak Peek: your YubiKey with rust" by Bernhard
- "rust on the JVM with GraalVM" by Lars
- "SliceDeque: a doubled-ended queue that derefs into a slice" by Gonzalo

There will be more opportunities to give longer talks in April, so feel free to contact @Bernhard :)