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Why React Hooks from Kent C. Dodds from Paypal

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Why React Hooks from Kent C. Dodds from Paypal


This is going to be a very unique meetup as RVA.js will be holding a REMOTE presentation with Kent C. Dodds. Kent works at Paypal as a full stack JavaScript engineer. He represents PayPal on the TC39. He's actively involved in the open source community. Kent is one of the most well-known speakers in the country and has done over 20 workshops, almost 40 unique presentations/talks, he's an instructor at both, FrontEnd Masters and and he has spoken at numerous major conferences. He is also one of only 90 Google Developer Experts within the Web Technologies area.

Although Kent started out his career in Angular he switched over to React about three (3) years ago and has been solely focusing on React.js ever since!

This month's meetup is going to be on Why React Hooks. Hooks is a brand new feature that came out EXPERIMENTALLY in version 16.7 and will be released fully in v.16.8. You may be asking yourself.... What exactly is Hooks?? Here is what it is and what it can do...

React Hooks are a groundbreaking feature in React that fundamentally change the way we create React applications.

What do React Hooks change? Everything!

No need for class components!

No more this keyword!

No more Redux!

No more lifecycle methods!

No more props drilling!

React Hooks removes the need for all of these things!

Even though this is a REMOTE presentation, it will be just like a regular meetup. You will be able to see Kent, hear Kent, see the code on his machine and ask questions and get answers! We have limited space at 60 people, so please RSVP and bring your questions!

Here are a couple of VERY IMPORTANT NOTES to pay attention to.

  1. This event WILL NOT be live streamed. You are going to have to attend the meetup to learn directly from Kent.
  2. For this event only, we will be meeting at Unboxed Training and Technology. Their address is below.

As always, the meeting is free.. Looking forward to seeing you!!

2201 W Broad St #202 · Richmond, VA
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