• javascript for responsive design

    Needs a location

    IMPORTANT! This event was community scheduled and a date was decided by the person who suggested it without having a venue or speakers signed up. Dates cannot be removed once they've been set. As such, this event's date is not official until a venue and speakers have been found. If you have a venue or if you would like to speak, please reply below and we can work on getting an official date set. Key javascript code and features to use to rapid prototype with css3 and html5. Javascript tips and tricks from designers who are doing RWD. Sharing code and creating a library/archive to use of best pieces of javascript, html5 and css3 specifically for designers.

  • The basics

    at65 Café

    I am a traditional html and php WordPress designer. I need to know the absolute basics of creating a responsive theme. I know I may be in the minority, but there it is. Location: Upper east or west side since I'm coming from Westchester.

  • Stunning Web apps: how to plus api


    I'll present how you can create stunning webapps at WeWork , plus present our API. Your host can also demo on how to add 3D viewing functionality to your web applications. Responsive to the many different devices where websites are access today. Full interaction and customization of the front-end of your web applications

  • “Improving Smashing Magazine's Performance, A Case-Study” by Vitaly Friedman

    We have a treat for the end of the year! In this session, Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Smashing Magazine, will provide some insights into the front-end work done at Smashing Magazine to improve performance of the site and a few dirty little tricks and strategies used along the way. This is a very practical talk with lots of actionable takeaways and learnings — all borrowed from mid-size and large real-life responsive projects. Vitaly is in town to give a full day Responsive Web Design Workshop on December 3rd (https://shop.smashingmagazine.com/smashing-workshop-responsive-design-nyc.html). It will cover lots of practical and actionable takeaways, clever tips, and tricks — both in terms of design patterns and front-end techniques. Seats are still available, be sure to sign up!

  • Responsive Web Design at Gilt


    Gilt's Special Operations team recently made Gilt.com responsive to the company's mobile device. In this talk, Special Ops Lead Software Engineer Gregory Mazurek and Software Engineers Jose Sanchez and Kyle Dorman will describe the process of "responsivizing" Gilt's complex website. Greg will discuss how to organize media queries, and explain why his team used in-selector CSS media-queries instead of blocks. Kyle will share how the team discovered and implemented one of their favorite design patterns, the full-screen modal. And Jose will discuss how and why Special Ops wrote Selenium-automated tests for each browser responsive breakpoint. Refreshments will be provided. The event starts at 6:30pm, but do not arrive earlier than 6:30pm.

  • Markup to Mobile: HTML and Sass for Responsive Web Design

    This month we're tackling Responsive Web Design! We will be having an in-depth discussion on the importance of semantic HTML in web development and Sass tools and techniques for making responsive web design easier. We will be co-hosting this event with the NYC Sass Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/nyc-sass/events/133088102/).

  • Summer Mixer for NYC Entrepreneurs

    Village Pourhouse

    Same #, same hood, it's all good... the great folks from the Village Pourhouse have been kind enough to invite our startup community over once more to their Red Light room on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 from 6:30-9:30 PM. So come join us as we bring together NYC's newest and brightest startups with some of the best entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, and investors :) Drink Special (from 7-closing): 2 for 1 Abita Beers Hurricanes Register here for $10: http://summer2013mixer-es2.eventbrite.com/

  • Summer Kickoff Party for New York's Hottest Entrepreneurs

    The great folks from the Village Pourhouse have been kind enough to invite our startup community over to their Red Light room on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 from 6:30-9:30 PM for happy hour and 1/2 priced pitchers! So come join us as we bring together NYC's newest and brightest startups with some of the best entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, and investors :) Tickets are $5. Use the promo code, "Community" for 10% off! http://smvillagepourhouse.eventbrite.com/

  • December Placeholder

    Needs a location

  • If You're Having Layout Problems, I Feel Bad For You Son…

    30 Rockefellar Plaza

    …I got 99 problems but 960 ain't one. Let's talk layout! This month's meetup is going to be about the most visual aspect of Responsive Web Design: Layouts. We have two absolutely fabulous speakers, Scott Kellum and Jen Simmons. They will be talking about grid systems, new ways of thinking about layouts on the web, and how to bust you out of your 960 slump. This is sure to be a great meetup, so I hope to see you all there! PLEASE NOTE: There is a very strict limit of 130 attendants for this meetup and security is strict, so we will need your first and last names for the attendance sheet. Registration will close on November 28th and the registration list will be submitted then. Security restrictions are tighter at 30 Rock than they are at our other venues due to the studios, so it is very unlikely that I will be able to add anyone to the list after it has been submitted. If you are unsure whether or not you can come and the waitlist gets opened up, please consider allowing someone who is sure they can come from the waitlist to take your spot before November 28th. Thank you. The Topics Responsive Layouts Beyond the Sidebar - Jen Simmons When approaching the design of a responsive website, old habits might focus you on sidebars and footer regions for placing content. It's natural to assume the best responsive solutions are to be found in moving those regions around the page as whole units. But that way of thinking could lead you miss the best stuff about responsive design. Let go of the old habits, and discover how focusing on content can drive far superior responsive layouts. Grids With Meaning - Scott Kellum A walk through of grids as they exist on the web today, then a journey to the past to find meaning and purpose for our grids. Wrapping up with some tips on implementation. The Talkers Jen Simmons JEN SIMMONS is a designer who builds stuff, too. She’s best-known as the host of The Web Ahead (http://5by5.tv/webahead) on 5by5, a weekly podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web. Creating websites since 1996, Jen works as an independent consultant and trainer helping teams transition to a responsive design process, implement sites with HTML5, or architect Drupal websites to last. She also provides a mix of design and front-end development services. Her clients have included the Annenberg Foundation, Mark Boulton Design, CERN, Palantir.net, Wright State University, Mt. Holyoke College, MIT Press, MPR News, Zinch, Lullabot, and The New York Stock Exchange. In 2010, Jen designed and created a new default theme for Drupal 7 named Bartik. Besides designing for the web, Jen has 20 years experience designing for live performance and for print. Back in the day, she’d make the poster for a film festival one day, mix the sound for a live salsa band the next, and hang a photo exhibit the week after, all while designing lighting for an upcoming play. In 2006, she created seven-channel digital projections for an opera about Nikola Tesla for the BAM Next Wave Festival. She directed several short films that toured film festivals around the globe, including RESFEST and MTV Television. She has taught video-making to high school kids in San Antonio, and film production to college kids in Philadelphia. Jen also has a MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. She lives in New York City. You can listen (http://5by5.tv/webahead) to The Web Ahead, and follow @jensimmons (http://twitter.com/jensimmons) on Twitter. Scott Kellum Scott is a designer with a passion for code. With a background in traditional grpahic design, printing and typography, much of Scotts work is taking the best of other design methidologies and translating them to the digital world. Scott is a designer and front-end developer at VOX media where he primarily focuses on feature development and has created a number of Sass/Compass plugins to help designers work in markup better.