Consumers in the Wild: dscout, advance your research knowhow.

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What makes your users tick? What tickles their fancy? What drives them nuts?

You can simply ask them via interviews, focus groups, and the like, but there's nothing like in-the-moment, in-context observation and feedback to gain insight about how people really experience a product or service. But how many organizations can afford the army of researchers necessary to follow and observe your audience in the wild?

This month we'll explore dscout (, a new tool that will allows you to enlist users themselves to document key moments of delight, frustration, unboxing, shopping, or anything else. The quantitative and qualitative data collected about their experiences will get you closer to your audience.
You'll experience both ends of dscout, as user and researcher:

1. Before the event, you'll embark on a mission (dscout speak for a study) collecting information.
2. At the event, we'll break into groups to explore the collected data to glean patterns, surprises, and insight.

dscout ( ) is a mobile app that makes it easy to collect high-quality media and ethnographic data from people through their smartphones. dscout makes it incredibly easy to engage audiences in sharing real-world experiences, in-the-moment ideas and real-time feedback.

Event Agenda:

6.30 Networking

7.00 Presentation

7.30 Workshop: evaluate the data

8.00 Show + Discuss

9.00 Done

NOTE: By RSVPing, you will receive an invitation to participate in a research study on dscout. Download the app, sign-in and take the mission.


Aryeh Jacobsohn

As dscout’s product manager, Aryeh helps people get the most out of dscout by consulting on research efforts and making sure dscout's tools do the right things. Aryeh started to pay his rent by writing surveys under the tutelage of H. Russell Bernard at the University of Florida in 2004, and has worked as a research professional ever since. After obtaining an MA in Biological Anthropology at Northwestern and cutting his teeth on the research team at Razorfish, Aryeh joined dscout in 2012 as employee #5. At dscout, Aryeh helped to grow the team to 20+ by using his methodological acumen and consulting experience to knock research designs — and the software that fields them — out of the park. A scientifically-minded methods geek, Aryeh would love to help you build better experiences by testing a hypothesis (or three).

Jaymie Wahlen

Armed with the hard-earned wisdom of dscout projects past, Jaymie is on the front lines with researchers. With experience working on product launches at three digital startups and degrees in marketing and sociology from Indiana University, Jaymie combines her passions for research design, strategic communications, and client success to help researchers get the most out of the platform. From dscout basics to mission mastery, Jaymie is your go-to gal.