STC-San Diego April 14th Meeting: Creating Mobile Apps without Coding

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Join us on April 14th to hear Neil Perlin’s talk on Creating Mobile Apps without Coding – A New Avenue for Tech Comm
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After years of false starts, mobile is finally taking off in tech communications and in the larger business and mass markets. If you’re a technical communicator and use tools like Flare or RoboHelp, you can convert online help to run on mobile devices pretty easily. But what if you need “true” mobile apps? Perfectly do-able – witness the thousands of iPhone and Android apps – but it calls for far greater programming skills. Until now…
In recent years, a new class of authoring tool has emerged that lets non-programmers create true apps with no Eclipse IDE, MIME types, Objective C, or other code knowledge. Instead, non-programmers can create apps visually using drag and drop, with data management as simple as a Google Drive spreadsheet. If you know how tools like Doc-To-Help and RoboHelp changed help authoring in the early ‘90s by letting us create online help without working in RTF… If you know how FrontPage did the same for web site development… Think of the new GUI app development tools as being the equivalent for app development. And lets us create apps quickly and inexpensively, in days rather than weeks or months.
In this presentation, we’ll look at this new app space, sometimes called “DIY (Do it yourself) apps”. We’ll look at the rationale behind going mobile in general, review the differences between native, web, and hybrid apps, and some applications for apps in and outside tech comm. Neil will then create a simple but functional app during the presentation, using a leading DIY app authoring tool called ViziApps. (If you have an iPhone 4+ or Android phone, you can install a previewer before the meeting and view the app on your phone at the end of the night, without waiting for it to appear in one of the public app stores.) Speed, simplicity, flexibility, and convenience – with no programming.
About Neil Perlin
Neil is an internationally-known online content consultant for companies ranging from F100 to startups. He helps clients create effective, efficient, flexible content for delivery in any form from paper to online to mobile. Neil is a columnist for Intercom and a popular conference speaker, the creator of the Beyond the Bleeding Edge at the STC summits, and a 2010 STC Fellow.
Neil is MadCap-certified in Mimic and Flare, Adobe-certified in RoboHelp, and Viziapps-certified for the Viziapps app development platform. He is also the author of “Advanced Features in MadCap Flare 10” and “Creating Mobile Apps without Coding” which are available on
Neil provides training, consulting, and development for online help and mobile apps and related areas through Hyper/Word Services. You can contact him at [masked].
La Jolla Village Square,
8861 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037
Date(s) – 04/14/2015
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
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