• Once Upon a Product: the Power of Storyboards

    American Specialty Health, Inc.

    A lot has been said about storytelling as a design technique. Stories can inspire. They can help a team understand context and intent. They can help everyone think from the perspective of your customers and users. But what does that mean? Sit around the campfire terrifying each other with graphic descriptions of table-based web layouts or steal the show with a gripping tale of survival trapped for weeks in a vestibule by Norman doors? Um, no. It’s a lot more practical than that. Part talk, part hands-on workshop, we’ll explore storyboards as a storytelling device for design. You’ll learn how to devise a storyboard to inspire a team and get them aligned to a common vision. You’ll also learn how you can leverage storyboards as part of your standard approach to product design. All UX designers should have storyboarding as part of their toolkit. By the way, you don’t have to be an artist to make effective storyboards. If you can google images, and copy and paste, you can build storyboards! //About the speaker// Paul Hong Paul is Director of Design Strategy at ServiceNow, where he leads product design for the company’s ITOM, CMDB, & ITAM products (quite the alphabet soup; suffice it to say we help customers manage all aspects of their IT, software, and cloud infrastructure). A long time resident of San Diego, Paul is former president of SDXD Meetup, was a founding board member of Design Forward Alliance, and has an unhealthy addiction to all forms of gummy candy (and IPAs). //Sponsors// American Specialty Health Inc. American Specialty Health Inc. is one of the nation’s premier independent, privately-owned, tech-enabled benefits management companies. ASH offers physical medicine provider networks & administration, fitness center networks & exercise programs, and population health solutions for health plans, insurance carriers, and employer groups. For more information about ASH and job opportunities, visit www.ASHCompanies.com

  • Workshop Workshop


    Clone the SDXD methods for creating engaging, conference style workshops and hands on events at your office. Yes, this is a meta meta workshop to first deconstruct and then construct your very own educational [workshop] for your office. Did you attend our last uber meta workshop on workshop facilitation? (January 2018) This equally meta event will have attendees workshop UX engagements that help us move projects forward and build those vital stakeholder champions. The SDXD board dissected our process for designing the conference style workshop events you love to attend. We'll share our process, dissect it with you and help you build an event that works with your business needs, interests, and audience.

  • Design System Show + Tell


    Design Systems are versatile beasts that the smallest shop can conquer, and the largest enterprise can use to tame their teams. Learn from local practitioners about their experiences tackling design systems for their organizations. And then hear how we stack up against the nation and how Invision is working to support design system teams. Our speakers' experience covers nascent design systems, accessibility design systems, scale and managing scaled systems. Our fantastic line up includes: Catriona Shedd (Moderator), Dir Product Design for DSM, InVision Ana Medina, Sr Product Designer, (representing) Classy Andrew Bergeron, Independent Design Consultant, Visual Rhythm Aaron Wade, Sr Manager, User Experience, ServiceNow Justin Baker, Principal Product Designer, Intuit Agenda: 6-6:30 Networking + Dinner 6:30 Announcements 6:45 Panel discussion 8:00 Q+A 8:30-9 Networking Bios: Catriona Shedd (Moderator) Director of Product Design for DSM, InVision Catriona is the Director of Product Design for InVision’s Design System Manager (DSM) product. DSM supports the creation and maintenance of design systems that enable design and development teams to achieve a single source of truth for consistency at scale. Prior Catriona was a design lead and team ambassador at Salesforce where she worked to improve communication and collaboration between product design teams and the team responsible for maintaining the Salesforce Lightning Design System. Ana Medina Senior Product Designer, (representing) Classy Ana Medina is a Senior Product Designer at ServiceNow. Her goal is to help solve UX problems and create memorable experiences through user-centered design. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/medinaana Twitter: https://twitter.com/anapaola_medina Andrew Bergeron Independent Design Consultant, Visual Rhythm Andrew is a leading advocate for inclusive design in our voting system. Aaron Wade Senior Manager, User Experience, ServiceNow Aaron is a designer in San Diego currently working as a design manager at ServiceNow on its Design System Website. "I love working in the product space, attempting to make things look as good cosmetically as they are functional, and anything involving motion." Justin Baker Principal Product Designer, Intuit At Intuit, Justin is a Principal Product Designer for the Intuit Design System (IDS), which powers TurboTax, Quickbooks, Mint, Turbo, and Proconnect. He loves tennis, 3d modeling, and thought leadership through writing and speaking. Sponsors: InVision is the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. We provide design tools and educational resources for teams to navigate every stage of the product design process, from ideation to development. Today, more 5 million people use InVision to create a repeatable and streamlined design workflow; rapidly design and prototype products before writing code, and collaborate across their entire organization. That includes 100 percent of the Fortune 100, and organizations like Airbnb, Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Slack, Starbucks and Uber, who are now able to design better products, faster. invisionapp.com ServiceNow The Experience Team at ServiceNow is a fast-growing global team transforming enterprise and putting user-centered design at the core of our products. We take the complex problems and reimagine them into compelling and delightful experiences. Our focus is to impact the day-to-day lives of our users by designing experiences that change the way people work. ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is making the world of work, work better for people. Our cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. For more information, visit: www.servicenow.com.

  • Interview Olympics

    Blink - UX Research & Design

    Prototype your interview skills. Think strategically about how you ask and answer the questions within an interview. This olympic-style event challenges UX hiring managers' skill at asking the question that get's them their blue ribbon candidate. It pairs them against the best San Diego talent, who will do their best to answer (or re-answer) questions aimed at bearing their designer's soul. Join us for a night of sharpies, chalk dust and tissues. What to expect: attendees will be split into candidates and hiring managers. Activities will look like a round robin with hiring managers seated while candidates circle the venue capturing tips and feedback. The known hiring managers include: - American Specialty Health - Blink UX - BL3NDlabs - Guild Mortgage - Seismic - ServiceNow (representation from 4 different teams) - The Creative Group - Wells Fargo - More to come... They are lined up with their most challenging UX candidate interview questions and design challenges! AND… Most of them are trying to fill UX positions on their teams RIGHT NOW! We don’t guarantee you will walk away with a job after the event, but you might make the right impression on several of the right people, which could easily lead to a referral and the fast track through the interview process with the local company of your dreams! Looking? Not looking, but want to bone up? Not looking, but feeling competitive? Candidates test your skills, your answers and improve your odds of landing that job. Don’t miss this opportunity for real world practice and personalized feedback at SDXD on April 17. Your Outcomes? By the end of the event, you’ll be well aware of your job interview strengths and weaknesses, with personalized tips from multiple perspectives. You’ll know exactly what you can do to step up your game and rock it in the real interviews you’ll have after all your interactions with these local hiring managers. *** Venue Sponsor *** We'd like to thank Blink UX for opening their newly renovated space to us for this event. https://blinkux.com/ Blink is a UX research and design firm that works with great companies to create meaningful digital products, brands, and experiences. With studios in Seattle, San Diego, Boston, and Austin, Blink brings two decades of experience using our evidence-driven design process to projects for clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and NASA. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blink-ux/ Twitter: @BlinkUX

  • 'Owning' your AI: UX + Project Management in an AI world

    Can AI help humanity? Is there a role for UX and Project Managers in its development? Learn tactical practices to manage an AI's development and own its user experience from Tyson McDowell. Tyson will help product teams become the super heroes in their product and company's story. He'll demystify AI, and teach us the tools to conquer AI, learn to control and use it, and master AI for the good of humanity. When engineers think in regression formulas, it falls on product teams to design the outcomes and roles for AI. Slay the AI dragon. The first step is awareness; the second is knowing what to do about it; the third is critiquing existing products and changing their trajectory. At the end of this Meetup you'll have the knowledge and tools to move forward confidently in our AI world. Agenda: 6:00 Arrive, Network 6:30 Announcements 6:45 Owning Your AI Bot 8:00 Networking, open discussion 9:00 After party at Gravity Heights (opens Jan. 2019) 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121, USA Speaker: Tyson McDowell is a serial tech entrepreneur focused on positively merging humans with AI-driven technologies. His first exit emerged from a software business he co-founded in 2002, now called Avadyne Health. Tyson served as CEO, CTO and President. As a venture capitalist, public speaker (including TEDx) and product designer, he currently works to empower technology entrepreneurs to be exponential by leveraging next gen technologies to improve the quality of life of all humans in their workplace, in their own bodies, and in their key relationships. Tyson is a certified pilot with instrument, multi-engine, helicopter and ex-military jet ratings. He built and flies a homebuilt airplane, is Vice Chair of the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and member of Young President’s Organization (YPO). https://www.linkedin.com/in/tysonmcdowell Check out his TEDx Talk on Humanity and AI: https://youtu.be/Y2eHWHv_JPQ Our sponsors: Forcepoint Forcepoint is the global human-centric cybersecurity company that understands people’s behavior as they interact with critical data and systems. Forcepoint’s behavior-based, risk-adaptive cybersecurity systems deliver converged solutions that enable organizations to continually empower their employees to innovate, while protecting intellectual property and simplifying compliance. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint protects network users and cloud access, prevents data loss and eliminates insider threats for thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries. https://www.forcepoint.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/forcepoint https://twitter.com/forcepointsec O'Reilly Media O’Reilly is a learning company that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises build skills to succeed in a world defined by technology-driven transformation. From in-person conferences and live online training courses to self-directed learning and immediate access to problem solving online, O’Reilly has you and your team covered. https://www.oreilly.com/ https://twitter.com/oreillymedia

  • Volunteer and Board Member Meet & Greet

    Societe Brewing Company

    ***UPDATE: Meet in the tasting room*** Hey SDXD-ers! If you're interested in volunteering for SDXD, come join us for a special happy hour and meet and greet with our fab board. We'll share who we are, get a chance to know you and what you're interested in, and review volunteer opportunities. We have a lot of opportunities for day-of-event as well as outside of events. Looking forward to meeting you all! Note: There is an attendee limit for this event so sign up today! Food/Bev will be available for purchase. Cheers, The Fab SDXD Board

  • Strategic Interviews from 2 Perspectives: Hiring Managers + Candidates

    Develop your interview + hiring strategy. Hiring managers and candidates will be separated by a thin sheet of glass as they gain invaluable insight into the ins and outs of the hiring process. This is a unique panel-based event: we'll start out together, separate to focus, then reconvene to network. Hiring Managers: 1 panel discussion will help hiring managers think through the hiring process—how and when you hire; timelines; need identification; interview strategies to differentiate candidate attributes... It's a thorough, thoughtful, discussion to enlighten even the most jaded manager. Candidates: The 2nd panel discussion will help candidates develop situational awareness during the interview process. You'll also gain insight into process; do's and don'ts; and best practices to manage communications, stress, and negotiations. This is a strategic interview refresher course that you can apply both to your own job search and to your career practices. (Note, this is primarily for design-based interviews.) Agenda: 6-7pm Arrive, network, eat 7-7:30 Introduction 7:30-8:30 Panel discussions 8:30-9 Networking 9-10 After party: The Bell Maker, 602 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 Speakers: Nate Jensen, TCG creativegroup.com Kasey Fischer, TCG creativegroup.com Brent Summers, BlinkUX.com Syrena Huynh, BlinkUX.com Andrew Bergeron, Votem.com Brian Bimschleger, Arthur.design Scott Robinson, Freshform.com Paul Hong, Servicenow.com Sharon Carmichael, Servicenow.com Sponsors: Axure Axure Software Solutions Inc. was founded to make software projects better through prototyping. The company’s flagship product, Axure RP, is used by user experience professionals, business analysts, and product managers to plan and prototype software applications for more than 25,000 companies, including 86% of the Fortune 100. In addition, more than 1 million projects have been published to Axure Share, the company’s online collaboration platform. Formed in 2002 by Victor Hsu and Martin Smith, Axure Software Solutions holds more than a dozen patents for its pioneering products. The company is headquartered in downtown San Diego and is privately owned. axure.com TCG The Creative Group, a division of Robert Half, specializes in matching top creative, interactive, and marketing talent with great opportunities for agency and in-house clients across nearly every industry and vertical. TCG is especially concerned with providing the highest level of service to local small and mid-sized companies. creativegroup.com

  • Strategic Organization Design

    Illumina, Inc.

    Build your dream team, your organization demands the best! Hire the Lebron James of UX, the Steve Jobs of product design, and the Warren Buffett of product planning. Building the right team for your organization requires negotiations, long-term planning, and a degree of luck. This month, go ahead and build that dream team. What, no budget? Design ops and content strategy? Add the roles to your team that you think will make an awesome product. Yes, you may experience setbacks—management was really just thinking intern. You will experience real highs and gut wrenching blows to your team's confidence. It's trial by fire with a dash of wisdom. Design your dream team and then hear the real stories from our community leaders that have lived through the intricate challenges of building their own teams. 6-6:30 Arrive 6:30 Announcements + Intro 6:45-8:00 Hands on scenario planning 8-8:30 Real talk Our esteemed community leaders include: Brian Bimschlager, Arthur.design Scott Robinson, Freshform.com Seth Hill, BlinkUX.com Sharon Carmichael, ServiceNow.com Sponsors Include: Illumina At Illumina, our goal is to apply innovative technologies to the analysis of genetic variation and function, making studies possible that were not even imaginable just a few years ago. It is mission critical for us to deliver innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. As a global company that places high value on collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and providing the highest level of quality, we strive to meet this challenge. Illumina innovative sequencing and array technologies are fueling groundbreaking advancements in life science research, translational and consumer genomics, and molecular diagnostics. https://www.illumina.com/ TEKsystems TEKsystems, an Allegis Group company, is the largest private talent management firm in the world. Our longstanding history and industry-leading position speak to our success in providing the IT staffing solutions, IT services and talent management insight required for you to actualize ROI and sustain a truly competitive advantage in a fast-changing market. www.teksystems.com https://twitter.com/teksystems O’Reilly Media O’Reilly is a learning company that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises build skills to succeed in a world defined by technology-driven transformation. From in-person conferences and live online training courses to self-directed learning and immediate access to problem solving online, O’Reilly has you and your team covered. https://www.oreilly.com/ https://twitter.com/oreillymedia

  • UX Holiday Hiptacular!

    Second Chance brewing


    RSVP: https://uxholidaysd.eventbrite.com Our community needs to be celebrated! We've accomplished a lot together, learned even more and transformed businesses and impacted people all over the world with our efforts. Join SDXD, UX Speakeasy and Designing Women for an end of year celebration of San Diego's finest professional community. Theme: Hipster Chic! Men, grow your hair out for that fine man bun and beautiful mustache. Ladies, throw on your lipstick and tulle. Thems: you've got this! Be your best self. If you run out of ideas, try for holiday ironic and put a bird or a tree on it. COST: $25/person PARTY BUS (from downtown): TBD LIGHT FOOD + BEVERAGES: provided BIG THANKS to everyone who made this year awesome!: our tremendous sponsors, incredibly talented pool of members and inspiring speakers and workshop leaders. We recognize you this year. HIGH FIVES go to our event sponsors: + Tall Concepts + Adobe + Konrad + King + FreshForm + BD + Suna + NewRocket + Burger Bench + Qualcomm + Holonis Yes, you too can get a high five and... a song written for you! Email: [masked]

  • Improv for UX Leaders: Experiential Exercises to Reframe Conversations

    Reset your teams' mindset. Task switching can throw a team's progress off tilter. Help the team reset themselves before starting a new task. This month we'll be learning improv techniques to change our perspective, improve our group communication, and help us learn to be present in the moment. Join us on Thursday Oct 25th to learn how to use improv to better engage ourselves and colleagues in group work activities. Led by two of the funnest people in San Diego, we'll cover a breadth of challenges, and discuss how it affects our behaviors and attitudes toward each other. Agend: - 6:00 - 6:30 - Networking - 6:30 - 8:30 - Intro, Exercises, Debrief - 8:30 - 9:00 - Networking ** We will be starting promptly at 6:30 due to the length of the exercises. Feel free to arrive late. We'll slot you in. ** SPEAKERS// Michael Vargas Michael works with teams to strengthen their communication. He has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and the best thing he learned from this program was to listen, process, understand, and create a direction for what comes next. Michael has worked in personal development for over 8 years, working with people one-on-one and in groups. He has been in theatre for eleven years and improv for eight. With his improv background, Michael is able to get creative with the people he works with and utilize the tools in improv that are closely associated with helpful guidelines for life and connections. Michael’s ability to combine his psychology and improv training allows for unique and supportive guidance in facilitation. Gary Ware Gary is the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. To do this, Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences without a script. Gary has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and understands the struggles that companies like yours are facing. He first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking, and quickly found that it could apply to various business challenges. SPONSORS// +Food+ The Creative Group (TCG) https://www.roberthalf.com/work-with-us/our-services/creativegroup The Creative Group specializes in placing a range of highly skilled interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals with a variety of firms on a project, temporary-to-hire and full-time basis. + Venue + Service Now http://www.servicenow.com/ The UX Design Team at ServiceNow is a fast-growing global team transforming enterprise and putting user-centered design at the core of our products. We take the complex problems and reimagine them into compelling and delightful experiences. Our focus is to impact the day-to-day lives of our users by designing experiences that change the way people work. + Beverages + Seamgen https://seamgen.com/ Seamgen is an industry-leading digital agency specializing in mobile and web app design and development. They build innovative digital products that put the user first across different industries including healthcare, hospitality, and automotive. Headquartered in San Diego, their team of designers & developers craft custom software solutions that delight users and drive ROI.