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WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE TRUE STORY Movie Event, 3:30pm & 8pm

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Hi, producer Susan Goforth here. I hope you can join me Saturday July 7th at 3:30pm and 8pm at The Crest Theatre, downtown Sacramento for the movie event of “War of the Worlds The True Story”.

For my fellow Science Fiction and H. G. Wells enthusiasts at Sac Geeks use the exclusive Promo Code “09211866” at the door and receive a 50% discount off the $10 ticket price.

Myself, director Timothy Hines and other cast and crew will be in attendance at the one-day event, including Sacramento native Anthony Piana who plays the young Bertie Wells. The movie will not be available digitally until Fall 2013. So don’t miss it!

“I just returned from viewing this film at Cinema 21 in Portland. Forget Tim's 2005 fiasco. This was a complete vindication. The story is told from the POV of the last living survivor, Bertie Wells, in a 1965 interview. Once you accept that premise, settle in for a fast moving pastiche of stock footage images blended with re-creations, ala the History Channel, with images of the Martian machines woven, fairly believably, into the ancient film. The SFX are very well done; not standing out like a sore thumb especially as the Martian machines make their march burning everything in their path. The dialogue of "Bertie" are the exact words written by Wells in his novel and the actor brings a sense of authority and gravitas to his role. Yes, there are some niggling little things that history buffs and film nerds will be quick to latch onto (I saw Shirley Temple in one scene). But, that can be a source of fun when the Blue-Ray comes out. If you love the source materiel as much as I do, WotW:TTS is an excellent tribute to H.G. Wells novel and I recommend that it be seen when it gets to your town.” - Jim Corvill, Portland Science Fiction Society

Check out our movie trailer :

War of the Worlds The True Story is a decade-long passion for director Timothy Hines and I. After a disastrous 2005 attempt we finally did Wells’ story justice. Our movie is a nearly word-for-word recreation of Wells’ seminal alien invasion manuscript through the device of the story being told as a straight on documentary as though the War between Earth and Mars in 1900 is part of our world history. As the novel was told in first-person narrative and third-person omniscient narrative alternately, we told the first-person perspective with Bertie Wells, the last living survivor of the war between Earth and Mars, who gave his testimonial in a filmed interview in 1965. For the omniscient point-of-view we tapped amazing voice-over talent Jim Cissell who has narrated hundreds of war documentaries. The new production features carefully labored over Steampunk designs of the Martian technology. Realized with a 20-week shooting schedule and 121 weeks of post-production, so far, audiences have been reacting overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s a couple of press releases:

Our picture is playing July 7th at 3:30pm and 8pm at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.

We're on Facebook page at

The Last Survivor’s Eyewitness Account.
Based on the most beloved alien invasion story of all time by H.G. Wells, WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY is the eyewitness account of Bertie Wells, the last living survivor of the Earth/Mars War that took place in the year 1900, as he struggles to find his wife amidst the destruction of humankind at the hands of terrifying alien invaders. Like FORREST GUMP, WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY uses cutting edge visual effects to blend a modern cast with battalions of actual fighting soldiers, golden age movie stars, and previously undisclosed images of tentacled alien creatures and their machines of War. Parental Guidance is recommended for children under the age of 13. Contains fantasy war action and extraterrestrial terror.