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Discover Archery in Discovery Park

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Dylan and Heather D.
Discover Archery in Discovery Park


Looking to get outdoors and enjoy the cool morning weather while trying something new? Come on out to Discovery Park and try your hand at a little old fashioned archery. I have three bows, a 30 and a 45lb recurve bows for righties, and one light recurve for lefties. Arrows to go around, and a couple of target sheets to put up. Or maybe you have your own bow and would like to bring it along? That's great too. Experienced, or never having shot, all are welcome. Or just come to hang out too. There's bike paths, two rivers, and plenty of cool spots in the park. After shooting, I sometimes like to jump in the water too if it gets hot enough. The park has something for everyone. As for the park itself, you can get in off of Garden or Jibboom. We will be starting very close to the Garden entrance though. If you drive in to the park, there is a $5 entry fee, so be prepared to pay at the little kiosk. If you bike or walk, there is no cost. We look forward to meeting you on the range!

By popular request, I am adding this here too:
Other than the park charging for you to park your car if you choose to drive to it and park inside the gate, there is no mandatory cost to this event. That said, there are costs involved for the organizers. The group would like to buy additional arrows, and maybe another bow or two, not to mention the ongoing replacement of targets. If you are willing to help out with the costs of the group gear, please chat with us at the event. Thank you.

Sacramento Social Club (20's & 30's)
Sacramento Social Club (20's & 30's)
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