"Get Paid to Speak!" IN PERSON Luncheon: Int'l Speaker Network

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Every 1st Wednesday of the month until September 3, 2019

Price: $25.00

The Old Spaghetti Factory

731 Sunrise Avenue · Roseville

How to find us

Please pay with this link from now on: https://tinyurl.com/SSN2018

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Meetup Description: We are open to experienced speakers as well as those just getting started in speaking or who want to start up your own business. Our meetings generate a lot of energy and ideas!

We host live online monthly webinars, in person luncheons and evening mixers! Our goal is to network, collaborate, share resources and learn more about the business of speaking, being an entrepreneur and everything that has to go along with that. We mastermind, members are able to speak, there is training each month and we work on ways to help each other find more speaking opportunities or build our businesses in general.

Meeting Fee: $25 for PREPAY ON LINE, $35 AT THE DOOR - Please pay with this link: https://tinyurl.com/SSN2018 NOW prior to the meeting and enter into Katrina's secure shopping cart. Fee includes meeting, speakers, training, networking and 3 course lunch. Choice of food, including pasta or salad, will be given to you once you register and pay by clicking the above link. ***You do need to RSVP, pay and give Katrina your lunch menu choice by the Monday prior to the meeting or you may be subject to the higher fee.***


11:20-11:45 am - Informal Networking, bring cards, flyers or anything to put on a Member Display Table

11:45 am - 12:00 pm - Self-Introductions are first thing (be on time!)

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm - Speakers:
10 Min Speaker: Tracy Stewart on the topic of: One Size Does Not Fit All (When it comes to your Health) - People and trees are all unique, but we can group people into energetic constitutions the way we can group trees into evergreen and deciduous trees. One man's meat is another man's poison. It's not about weight loss, but eating the right diet tends to address weight issues naturally. The impact of an incorrect diet for you can be devastating. The right diet can heal symptoms and protect your health.
What You'll Learn:
• How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Health
• How to Tailor Your Diet to Fit Your Needs
• The Impact of an Incorrect Diet

20 Min Speaker: Chuck Hooper on the topic of: Getting Paid to Speak - Attendees get a great start on what it REALLY takes to get paid speaking gigs and what NOT to say, along the way!
What You'll Learn:
• Topics that SELL
• WHOM to contact!
• What to say/write!

12:45 pm - 1:05 pm - Free Training with Katrina Sawa: Monthly Topics - August: Hosting your own meetup or live event

1:05 pm - 1:20 pm - 5 Minute Mastermind! We will draw names for the opportunity to share your challenges and receive focused feedback in the 5-minute spotlight.

1:20 pm - 1:30 pm - Drawing for Prizes - Optional: bring a prize for the drawing and get more exposure! (Common prizes include wine, books, event tickets, complimentary consultation, just no discounted services please.)

Please be sure to tell a friend who might also enjoy our group. Send them to http://www.meetup.com/sacramentospeakersnetwork .

If you would like to be one of the upcoming speakers for the in person events or the webinars, please go to this page and read carefully: http://www.SacSpeaker.com.

About the Speakers:

Tracy Stewart's professional experience is in medical research, biotechnology development, Chinese acupuncture and Korean Sasang medicine. She is licensed as an acupuncturist, teacher and provider of continuing education credits in California. She consults for an Integrative Medical Clinic in San Francisco and works with individuals around the world. She is currently developing a certificate program in Sasang diagnostic technique for acupuncturists and other health professionals.

Chuck Hooper is a professional speaker, coach and author.
He brings over 5 decades of business experience with him. Chuck does presentations on presentation skills, storytelling, critical thinking and on defeating the Impostor Syndrome. He likes to specialize in the education domain, where he feels he can make a positive difference in the world.