What we're about

What this Healing Experience is NOT about?

1. We DO NOT promise you an absolute truth. You find the truth through knowledge and wisdom by walking your own individual journey and by understanding different points of views, as well as information by from your own direct experience. The Healing Experience through the use of Entheogens is 1 STEP of many others in what ancient Initiation knowledge provides, also known as: The Warrior’s path.

2. Sacred plant medicines –Entheogens- is NOT a magic-miracle potion. Entheogens are a tool, ally, technology, medicine, teacher, key that can be a catalyst to dissolve within and resolve outside yourself on a daily basis. They will help you to heal, develop, and know your inner self as well as Initiate your continuous healing.

3. Our shamans/facilitators DO NOT have superpowers: they are human beings just as you are. However, what they have is the experience, training and practice working with sacred plants medicines.

4. The Healing Experience will NOT give you confusing rhetoric designed to comfort you. What we will do is pass on ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been given through oral tradition in a digestible way to be applicable to your everyday life.

5. During this healing experience we will offer clean, friendly accommodations where our objective is to get in touch with Mother Nature (Pachamama). Located in a secluded-private area, and having the ceremony in a safe setting, We will look after your care prior, during and post the ceremony.

6. We DO NOT worship any hierarchic figure or legendary master shaman, guru or spiritual leader. We truly know that you are the shaman of your life, the healer of yourself.

7. We WILL NOT tell you which is the perfect Entheogen (plant medicine) for you. Through training and practice, you will find it for yourself. There are no good or bad Entheogens. When you are trustworthy you will find the trustworthy.

8. The School of Shamanic Initiation will teach you that this step is done when it has to be done—not just to do it. The Healing experience we offer IS NOT for an intellectual, recreational exploration, psychedelic experience or hallucinogenic journey.

Follow your feelings, emotion and knowledge, if this Medicine Circle speaks to you. You are more than welcome to join us!

Visit and learn more about what we do: http://www.theshamanicschool.com/

Learn more about our work Testimonials and Reviews https://www.theschoolofshamanicinitiation.com/

Follow your feelings, emotions and knowledge, if this Medicine Circle speaks to you. You are more than welcome to join us!
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please contact us at theshamanicschool@gmail.com
and we will answer all your Questions and give you the details of the upcoming gatherings this year.

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Womens Circle | JOSHUA TREE Plant Medicine JUNE 23th-26th, 2023

PURPOSE. This 4 day medicine circle led by medicine women centers in cultivate a safe environment for personal insight and healing to occur.
From Kundalini yoga and meditation to breathwork and stargazing.
This gatherig is led by women
Connect with like-minded women and create lasting memories in a safe and supportive environment led by women. Don't miss out on this opportunity to recharge and discover your inner strength.

EDUCATION. We focus on sharing ancient knowledge based on teachings of old civilizations in this Planet Earth and insights of indigenous communities.

HEALING EXPERIENCE. This program is not about becoming a “shaman” or “spiritual enlightenment” or healing through a “magical potion”. Instead, it is about:
- Learning about Yourself, the dynamics and interaction in your surroundings.
- Respecting your own healing process and finding your own knowledge and wisdom in what you need.
- Doing what you need to improve in how you relate within yourself and how you relate to your family, culture, society and Planet Earth.

2 Grandmother ceremonies
1 Hapé & Sananga ceremony
1 Cacao ceremony
Yoni Steaming Ritual
Kundalini Yoga
Lodging and meals
Sound cleansing meditation
Ofrenda ritual
Conscious Breath workshop
Body Movement Meditation workshop
Copal Cleanse and Purification
If you would like to join this Sacred Plant Medicine Circle. First, please contact us at: [masked]

We will provide you with plenty of information and answer any questions you may have.

**There is a process to follow** Afterwards, we will be able to confirm attendance or not.

Learn more: Testimonials and Reviews -
Who is the School of Shamanic Initiation?
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Who is the School of Shamanic Initiation *VIDEO*

The Entheogenic Medicine
There are many plant medicines as for example, Ayahuasca, that indigenous cultures across the world have recognized for their medicinal properties which may help reduce and heal biological and emotional conflicts such as:
a) substance abuse, addiction,
b) trauma, post-traumatic stress symptoms, chronic depression,
c) anxiety, grief, diabetes, cluster headaches,
d) Stress, obssesive Compulsive disorder
e) and many other "illness" that are plaguing our world in this present days.
The use of Entheogenic Plants medicines shows promise as a treatment, as a step to Initiate to know yourself, to be beneficial to the health and well-being of individuals and communities in addressing these afflictions.

Follow your feelings, emotion, wisdom and knowledge, if this Plant Medicine Circle speaks and resonates to you. You are welcome to join us.

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JOSHUA TREE Plant Medicine Circle MAY 19th-22th, 2023

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