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MYSTERY NIGHT Vegetarian Potluck

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For the Potluck, we set a table, and sit down to delicious (and relatively cheap!) vegetarian food and good company. Bring a dish, or prepare it in the kitchen (sorry, no frying onsite), and try to keep your expenses under $10. What to bring to a Vegetarian Potluck? Why, a hungry belly, that's what!

Non-Vegan or even Meat dishes are not banned; we're sticking with veg because it's, well, a little challenging in addition to being cheap. We started this to help learn about what and how to prepare vegetarian food, and it's still fun and interesting to use this venue for *experimental* recipes.

Now for the fun part... the entertainment: Somebody has been murdered, or something has been stolen, and we gotta figger out who did it. Be a character for the evening (was it you???) Finger a criminal (was it the guy sitting next to you???). Clue: it's seldom the butler.

Murder Mystery games are hilarious, fairly fast paced, and always a surprise. Check back here closer to the date for a clue of what the theme is if you're interested in costuming as a character in the game. Get here early enough to pick and choose which character you want to be (or lay down heavy threat or prepare a good bribe if you have to negotiate to get the role you want.

$5 love gift greatly appreciated. Paypal payments accepted on site.

$5 also buys you a reverse-tithe ticket towards a chance at receiving 10% of our Green Box Earnings. The Pot is awarded at our quarterly Celebrations (Ostara, Summer Solstice, Mabon, and Yule). The catch? You must be present to win. Further information and notices are published in our email newsletter, sign up for it and check out our fancy pretty web site at if you haven't already.