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Transplant Your Roots and Grow Big in the Company of Loved Ones...

In the presence of like-minded and open-hearted company, this group is designed for those of us who are on a spiritual path, seeking a sacred space where we may ignite our joy and cultivate greater fulfillment in our lives. In this meetup, we go on a journey together as I offer transmissions of divine wisdom and sacred geometry activations coupled with gentle yoga/stretches and/or meditation (the gatherings vary a bit). Other gatherings include full moon or new moon intentional ceremonies, conscious living and conscious eating classes, etc. *Not all gatherings include yoga; details will always be provided in meetup announcements.

This group creates a healing experience, but contrary to the "old" spiritual paradigm, the focus is not to fix ourselves. In this new spiritual paradigm, we realize that spiritual growth isn't about being under the microscope of our mind's eye or releasing through "work," pain and adversity; it's about cultivating joy in our lives, and through that, our barriers break down and our false layers fall away naturally. We are a group that comes together in equal partnership and enjoyment; while I am the facilitator of this group, I am also an active participant, gaining just as much pleasure from the experience.

My heart’s desire is to build a community that is supportive of one another; coming together to ground and relax in companionship, while receiving powerful healing. What I offer teaches us how to truly live prosperously on all levels. Passionately driven by my own past experiences of trial and triumph, I offer very practical teachings.

Whether you are a beginner on this path of awakening or a longtime cosmic-cruiser, the higher dimensional insights I offer are easily digestible as well as deeply satisfying for those who crave intensity. The information and energies that I transmit are empowering, instilling each of us with love and knowledge that is intended to be maintained and carried forward in self-reliance.

To read more about what sacred geometry is and the transmissions I offer, visit:



**I invite participants to bring items to donate to our local homeless and domestic violence shelters, as I hand materials out biweekly.

I look forward to these gatherings. There are so many wonderful hearts just waiting to come together! See you there!

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