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Essential Oils Education and Sharing Bristol; is changing its name to Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening. Please feel free to have a look at what we are about and join us for a session, we would love your feedback.

This is an intimate sacred community space for men and women who are curious and committed to conscious sexual awareness and expression. For those seeking healing and awakening of their sexuality.

For thousands of years, our sexuality has been controlled, repressed, and denounced and woman in their sexual power have been shamed, judged, punished and even killed. In more recent times, sexuality has been exploited and used to manipulate through advertising and pornography.

Almost every religion in the worlds has done their best to condemn sexuality as sinful and dirty and something that should be kept in a box, hidden behind closed doors, and never spoken of.

The impact of centuries of this kind of repression is that it has driven sexuality underground. This creates all manner of unhealthy and unconscious expressions of sexual energy. It also creates some degree of sexual wounding in pretty much everyone.

This is not because our sexuality is inherently wrong or bad. Its because our sexual energy is SO POWERFUL. It’s our life force energy, that which animates our physical bodies. It’s sexual energy that creates new life not just in humans, but in all the living creatures and plants on the planet. When we have access to a free flow of our life force, we can manifest anything, heal anything, and create lives filled with joy and abundance.

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