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Growing Veganic: How to Grow Plants with Plants

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Greg and Stephanie Litus from Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley, will be here to lead a group discussion about growing food veganically, without the use of animal byproducts, as they do at their trend-setting veganic farm.

As the number of cases of vegetables adulterated with E. coli and other animal-derived contaminants continues to skyrocket, veganic offers a viable and proven alternative.

Learn how they grow veganically at Animal Place, and how you can do it at home.
Examine the challenges and benefits of veganic methods, as well as the issues of scaling up a small-scale farm. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Interested in eating veganic?

Chat about bringing Animal Place’s veganic produce to places near you this season.
Learn about how you can get in on veganic food through AP’s new produce box delivery program, also known as a “CSA” for Community Supported Agriculture.
Animal Place is organizing a weekly drop-off of 100% veganic veggie boxes in Sacramento. All proceeds will directly benefit the rescue, care, and advocacy for farmed animals at Animal Place.

You'll want to bring a friend or two to participate in this cutting-edge discussion.

"As a veganic farm, we are just as productive as any other organic operation. We choose not to use animal products because it is a more compassionate and more efficient way to grow healthy food."
–Stephanie Litus

Bios: Greg Litus is well versed in the social, physical, and life sciences. He has studied and worked in the fields of economics, geology, geochemistry, and plant physiology, and has a Ph.D. in horticulture. Twenty years as an environmental consultant and researcher in landscape horticulture led him to start a veganic farm as part of the Animal Place Sanctuary for Farmed Animals in Grass Valley, California. He is joined by his partner, Stephanie Litus, who left a nonprofit I.T. job to scale up the farm to a small commercial operation in 2012. Stephanie manages the day-to-day activities on the farm as well as the partnerships with local natural food stores, restaurants, and communities.

Potluck too! Please bring:

a vegan (no animal products, no eggs or dairy products) dish to share;
your plate, bowl, cup, utensils; along with a list of ingredients.

If you are unable to bring a dish, a $4 donation will cover the cost of food.