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I’m following my calling to offer Kundalini Yoga to this community, I hope you follow yours to join me!
Kundalini Yoga incorporates:
-rhythmic movements coordinated with breath
-sound and mantra
-meditation techniques

Together these tools provide transformational healing to the practitioner.

Saibhung - is a word from Mool Mantra (Japji Sahib) it’s a quality my soul resonates with most. It means:

This consciousness is Self-Sustaining, Whole and Complete within Itself.

Be so fiercely whole, be so fiercely grounded, that not a single outside force can shake you. Know your essence so truly so deeply not a single outside force can sway you another way. When you’re divinely guided you trust The Source Energy for all your actions and decisions, free from ego, hate or fear.

I started on the spiritual path 10 years ago, knocking on every door with an empty bowl, hoping this type of yoga or this technique of meditation will fulfill whatever I was seeking. Less than 2 years ago a course offering on Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak’s beautiful words found me in a way that transformed my life forever. I fell into the lap of Kundalini Yoga, meditations, mantras and Sikh teachings and I finally understand what I was seeking all these years. I am finally beginning to understand this path of spirituality is tough, it’s not all the fluff I thought it was. As I do deep shadow work, I hope you’ll allow me bring you the humble knowledge that I’ve gained so far (and continue to learn every single moment)

If any of my words resonate with you, I hope you’ll join me in my various offerings:
- Aquarian Sadhna
-Weekly Kundalini Yoga classes
-Mantra Workshops
-Kirtan and Satsang

To support my work or donate:
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Venmo: asiyajaved

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