Please come share a yummy Greek dinner with me in the north city. I've been here before, and the dishes range from giros to dinner plates, salads, and spreads (hummus, baba ghanoush) with bread. What a better way to celebrate independence and free thought than enjoying some food from one of the original democracies? If you like, you can show up wearing togas, tunics, and wreathes to dress the part of the original celebrants!

It's about a fifteen-twenty minute drive north on the 15 from the 15-163 split, if you're driving. There is also bus service that drops you off about a mile and a third away, and we can arrange for rides home if we're out later than the buses run.

We can also make plans for meeting at the Pride Parade, and discuss what the Greeks (may have) said about the kinds of relationships we'll be celebrating.