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San Diego, CA

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Sep 25, 2012


I've come to believe religion is induced insanity. It teaches people to think in toxic, counterproductive ways.

How did you hear about this group (i.e. advertising, directly from someone, at an event, online search, Meetup, another group, Facebook)?

I got dragged to a lecture and realized that atheism is now a thing and it can be discussed. It's no longer the dark secret kept hidden in the attic and fed buckets of fish heads.

What prompted you to seek us out at this time? Was it an event that we had organized, or something else specific going on in the world or your own life?


When did you become an atheist or agnostic?

When I was 13 I realized that Sunday was just an extension of the same popularity/bullying crap I hadda cope with every weekday in public school and I said no. I stayed home and read the comix while family was off worshiping some fantasy thing.

What type of events would you be interested in attending? (We pay attention to this! The more specific, the better.)

Fun ones. Art events, anything that doesn't involve me being lectured by humorless grunts or old humorless hippie activists.