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What we’re about

Welcome entrepreneurs and ambitious hustlers in San Diego! We are starting a new sector here in San Diego and are looking for people who are looking for us. People who want more out of life; people who feel capped where they currently are; people who truly want to become the best versions of themselves.

You should come to this group if you resonate with one or more of the following:

  1. You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  2. You want to start a business but don't know how
  3. You're ambitious
  4. You're highly motivated
  5. You genuinely want to make a difference
  6. You want control of your income
  7. You've been effected by the "Great Resignation"

At our Meetup, you will get to meet our Senior Broker, Tess Kram, as well as some of our top performers. We will give you a tour of our office, have a bit of networking, then break down who we are, what we do, who we are looking for, and much more. Come check us out- we are excited to connect with you!