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What an opportunity for all. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, student, business, or employee there is a place for you in making the earth a better place and reducing our dependance on foreign energy sources. Everybody wants to know more about sustainability, efficiency and alternative energy but if you really want to learn, get involved.

Homeowners: If your electric bill is $100 or more consider having your home evaluated by a home performance contractor or alternative energy company. With current incentives you can get an outstanding return on your investment. If you are a big user of electricity you can save even more. Visit your utilities website and find out about available incentives and rebates.

Renters: If you rent a house read the above. If you rent in a complex suggest to the owners going "green" with pools and outdoor lighting. It is good for the earth and their pocket books.

Students: Volunteer and learn at the same time. The CCSE is always looking for volunteers. Also check out GridAlternatives and Habitat for Humanity.

Businesses: You get the biggest break of all. Not only do you get incentives that homeowners get but you get huge depreciation benefits. Imagine a solar investment with parity to your bill for five years and after that little or no electric bill for twenty, thirty years or more. What are you paying in electric utilities now? Don't forget the incentives for other improvements including HVAC, insulation, solar thermal and clever new technologies combining all. Have a competent assessment of your building by a professional to illuminate it's full potential for sustainability.

I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to go "green" so let us know what they are.

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