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What we’re about

This group is for everyone who would like to reduce pain, improve posture, recover abilities, and increase range of movement.  Additionally, Feldenkrais enhances our athletic and artistic performance.   This is espesially useful for those of us who create.

Each Feldenkrais class involves slow movement, directed attention and simple, easy-to-do movement sequences which  improve our mobility, and impart power and ease to our everyday activities.  

Classes are taught by Donna Wood.  Donna is an artist and a martial artist and has been teaching Feldenkrais for the past 20 years.   Her classes are simple and powerful. 

Beginning in October Feldenkrais San Diego will be offering classes every day of the week.  Please join us!  We have added new classes in Mission Hills, Barrio Logan, and City Heights, and now we also have two classes per week that are taught in Spanish.  

All classes are open to the public. Please contact us via email for location and pricing details.

Please visit for more information.