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Nathan Hammond (@nathanhammond ( joins us from San Francisco to talk about "Using Service Workers to Shoulder the Load."

Imagine yourself writing an awesome application. Commit, build, test, deploy. (Invalidate your users' cache.) You've been doing that hourly for weeks. But page load times are a consistent "terrible" and your users are complaining about data usage. Service Workers sound great, but the default strategies seem too primitive for this problem set. Our long-running single page applications will never be refreshed and our gigantic monolithic builds are invalidated on every change. We'll talk about how to break apart the monolith and leverage Service Workers to improve your page load time and cache hit rate.

Nathan works at LinkedIn and in his copious


free time is a member of the

Ember CLI subteam (

, the

Ember A11y community team (

, and recently took a swing at a hornets nest investigating service worker caching strategies.

On Tuesday night he'll also be speaking at the San Diego JavaScript meetup about routing in single page applications. (

Original description follows for posterity.


Once upon a time there was a man named Nathan Hammond ( He writes code for ember-cli, LinkedIn, and anybody who dares use his addons. Since this meetup is four months away from when Nathan wrote this teaser in the third person he hasn't yet decided what he is going to talk about. But! you can rest assured it'll be fantastic.

(Hello person from the future! Nathan hasn't updated this yet. Sincerely, Nathan from the past.)

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