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SD RUN CLUB - Hills & Stairs @ Civita Park

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Every week on Monday

Civita Park

7960 Civita Blvd · San Diego

How to find us

Enter through Qualcomm Road or Mission Center Road - We will meet at the entrance to Civita Park in front of the Military Tribute (under the flags). I will be in my San Diego Run Club coach shirt and coach hat so that I am easier to find!

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First time newcomers are welcome to try us out for free :)

* If your plans change, please update your RSVP

Greetings Hill Warriors! We invite you to join us as we tackle the Beast that is Franklin Ridge Road while enjoying the Beauty that is Civita Park!

Why would I want to do hills you ask?

· Nothing builds strength and explosive speed quite like running up!

· Running hills works your glutes, hamstrings, and calves – all the major muscle groups that are responsible for propelling you forward!

· Running hills and stairs is like a hybrid between running and strength training!

· Running hills is actually easy on the body! Okay so not on your muscles and lungs (HaHaHa), but to your knee, ankles, hips, and vertebrae … running up is a holiday!

How we run hills:

· We will meet at the entrance to Civita Park in front of the Military Tribute (under the flags). There are bathrooms here too.

. I will be in my San Diego Run Club coach shirt and coach hat so that I am easier to find!

· First, while we still look pretty (LOL), we will do an obligatory selfie to be posted in the San Diego Run Club Facebook Group, and then we will begin with a slow paced run along Civita Blvd (just under half a mile).

· When we reach Franklin Ridge Road, we will do a quick stretching session to loosen the muscles before the workout.

· From here we will run up Franklin Ridge Road which is about a total of 160 feet in elevation gain and just a bit under a half a mile. This is a beastly hill for sure so don't get discouraged if you need to walk portions of it. Your goal can be to eventually be able to run the whole thing. From there, your goal can be to run it faster and faster each time! Repeats! Run back down and up as many times as your training plan prescribes with the knowledge that each up and down gets you nearly a mile each time.

· Optional Bonus fun, do the following if you want an extra workout, or not if the repeats were enough!

At the top of Franklin Ridge Road we intersect with Via Alta. We will take a left onto Via Alta and then a right on Apex Way. From here we will run down past the dog parks, through the tunnel that is beautifully painted with a Mural of all things San Diego, and here we reach the next challenge - the stairs!

· The stairs are lit up and well spaced making them great for running, and you will be running down 50 feet, and then of course what goes down must go up :)

Again, repeat as many as you want!

· Once you have conquered the stairs you will retrace back to Via Alta, cross the road, and run back to where we initially started near the restrooms.

· As you are finishing, please slow it down and enjoy a cool-down run back to the start. Just like the warm-up, please slow your pace to a comfortably-easy pace.

· Once back at the parking lot where we started please be sure to do a few stretches on your own and I highly advise you to do some foam rolling when you get home! If you need to get going no worries, no need to wait for everyone as we will all be running at different paces. However, if you want to hang out that is fine too. Civita Park is a beautiful place to just take a moment and relax.

My cell if you need me is[masked]. Texting is always best to get ahold of me as I hesitate at unknown numbers (avoiding the telemarketers!)

Ok I think that’s everything. If you read all of this, thank you and I hope you are excited to come run with us!

Coach Jeremy, over and out… and up!!!