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Meet, Mingle & Dance, or just meet and mingle! Who knows when you will see Mr. or Ms. Right "across a crowded room"!

We produce great parties, especially for single men and women mostly 40's & 50's....some younger and some older attend, but all are welcome. The parties are also called mixers or dance parties or just dances, depending on what part of the country that you are from :))) So, if you feel comfortable within those age ranges, c'mon out and meet some nice people. The more parties that you attend, the more people and friends that you'll make...just a fact.

The 40+ Singles Parties are usually held, right now, about 2-3 times a month, but we may add more parties from time to time, so be sure to check our website often for latest additions to our schedule, www.SanDiegoSinglesParties.com

We are always trying to attract "NEW FACES": We have many people who come to the parties often, others when they just don't happen to have or feel like going on a date. Usually about 1/3 - 1/2 of the people at each party are there for their first time. If you bring a new person, just BRING A PRINTOUT OF THIS PAGE for yourself (and one for the NEW person or persons that you bring), and you (both or all) will receive $5 DISCOUNT each! (Yes, sorry, you must bring a print out as we turn them in the venue's management for a partial rebate on your discounted admission...,so we NEED the paper. Showing your phone just doesn't work for this promotion. Again - sorry!)

The 40+ Parties are always held in a very respectable & upscale location. .. so ladies, you can feel perfectly comfortable coming by yourself, as many do, or certainly come with friends.!

Even if you don't happen to love dancing, our parties are a great place to just socialize and meet & mingle with new people. Many friendships, even of the same sex, have been made, and it becomes a fun place when you begin to know more and more people...almost like to coming to "CHEERS", "where everyone knows your name". but we have a great DJ and dancing!

Men - "Dress to impress" works really well. You are are asked not to wear Jeans (unless otherwise noted on the specific party info) and NO T-shirts , and definitely no sports hats, sweats, shorts, flip flops, etc.! First law of attraction -" The sharper that you dress, the more that the women will be attracted to you".

Ladies - can wear anything that they like because they always look good!

Since our parties attract a diverse crowd, you're guaranteed to hear a wide variety of the most popular dance music - some newer, some older, some disco, some rock, some romantic slow songs, and some Latin and a few line dances thrown in. Our DJ always takes your requests seriously -SERIOUSLY!

Coming to a 40+ Singles Party is definitely the best decision you could make to improve your social life in a hurry! :>)))

Look forward to meeting you soon. Maybe you will meet the love of your life at one of our parties - I hope so!



Upcoming events (5)

July 4th Weekend @ Yosemite!! What could be better? 3-day Holiday Weekend!

Camping Meetup at Yosemite. Private Site.

Our events are curated and led/guided at quality sites with good amenities. As such they do always fill and often fill very early.

As such Yosemite over a 3-day holiday weekend. Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.

For those that waited for payment . . . Big Saddness. Sorry.

BUT WAIT . . . . Because so many wished to go . . . We found have a substitute.

It is the weekend before June 25th to June 28th . . . 3 nights . . . 4 days . . .
Cost per person $98.00
Payment Link https://py.pl/1zf0cp

Yeah . .. it's a less than July 4th weekend.

Since you now know our events fill early due to limit size, great locations with amenities, curated activities and we actively encourage good decent social . . . The thing to do is get in early before they fill.

Here are our upcoming. And yes . . . they are also filling . . . especially as things open up and as our other event fill.

April 30, 2021 ~Sequoia National Park. W/ Optional Whitewater Rafting!! Camping, Nature, Hiking https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272411463/ 2 or 3 nights is $121 Per Person https://py.pl/17vUnD Under 18 Free

May 28, 2021 Camping Memorial Day Weekend: Big Pine Lakes!!! Glaciers, Roaring Rivers https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272408214/ $123 Per Person https://py.pl/10uDvI 18 and under are 1/2 (contact for a link)

June 25th Weekend: Yosemite!!!!!!!!!!!
Cost? For 4 days, 3 nights Per Person $98.00

FILLED July 4th Weekend: Yosemite!!!!!!!!!!! FILLED

July 26 to July 30th Beauty and The Beach. Big Sur Camping. Epic & Amazing. Perfect for First-timers (A weekday event)
Camping for 4 nights/ 5 days is $55 Per Person

FILLED July 30, 2021 Beauty and The Beach. Big Sur Camping. Epic & Amazing. Perfect for First-timers https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272397361/

August 6, 2021 Mt Whitney (training) Whitney Portal to Lone Pine Lake, Meysan Lake https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272592820/ $118 Per Person https://py.pl/6FGUEUQ1bam 18 and under are 1/2

Oct 29 Death Valley https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/276835826/ $[masked]https://py.pl/fNlus

September 21 Oct 2 Meetup On The Orient Express Paris, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest & Istanbul. Via the Night Trains!! https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/266194400/ $3,490 per person dbl occupancy. Secure Deposit Link https://py.pl/1idDcw

April 18, 2022 To May 4th Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!!! OMG your bucket list fulfilled! https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/266193501/ https://www.ismyoyster.com/events/everestbasecamp $3,780 Secure Deposit Link https://py.pl/BQ6wm

This will be a covid-safe event. We will have a full set of protocols that will keep us all safe. And we will be able to be distanced as needed at our site.

Notice of Non-Discrimination: On our event we do not discriminate by Age, Gender, Gender Preference, Ethnicity, National Origin, Race, Color, Religion. This is NOT true of all organizers or all groups. Some overtly or secretly limit, exclude, discriminate or cherry pick.

We welcome all. This is a friendly social event in strange times. We will get out and be safe, and create new memories and friends.

Come alone and leave with friends.

Come with friends and leave with more friends.

Epic Machu Picchu THREE WAYS-Salkantay Route, Inca Trail AND Train!!

San Diego International Airport

There are THREE ways to get to Machu Picchu. All of them are stunning and storied. WE ARE DOING ALL THREE!

The Salkantay Trek is an ancient and remote footpath located in the same region as the Inca Trail where massive snowcapped mountains collide with lush tropical rain forests. It is less travelled than the Inca Trail, with breathtaking vistas! Considered by many the better alternate to get to Machu Picchu. It is also not that heavily regulated with government taxes and fees. Hence, the good price!

The Inca Trail is the "tourist" route. We are doing the 2-day hike, which is the second half of the classic Inca Trek. It is shorter and less difficult than the Salkantay. The view is mostly rainforest canopy and some ancient historic sights.

The Train is just as it sounds. No long hike. Travel by rail and with less effort. This is intended for those with either less mobility or those that wish to glamp it a bit.

Peru (and Machu Picchu) is OPEN for travel!!! This interim moment between the whole world opening up and all back to normalcy is the PERFECT opportunity for this dream escape!

Some want the stunning hikes. (Salkantay)
Others want "The Classic" (Inca Trail)
And still others may have mobility issues, or just want luxury (The Train)

We are doing this trip 3 different ways to be able to be more inclusive of all.

Addionally we are
Certified Wilderness First Responder/Wilderness First Aid

This event INCLUDES Med-Evac Insurance

ALL THREE groups will be limited to 12 people max to keep smaller and high quality.
ALL THREE will begin together with a few days in Cusco but will reach Macchu Picchu - the culmination, in different ways!

Option 1: Machu Picchu via Salkantay Trail
Aug[masked] nights/8 days
Per person double occupancy $1190
Per person single Occupancy $1440
Deposit $251 per person to reserve
(secure deposit link) https://py.pl/jpDrE

Option 2: Machu Picchu via Inca Trail (short version) w/Rainbow Mountain
Aug[masked] nights/8 days
Per person double occupancy $1650
Per person single occupancy $2095
Deposit $252 per person to reserve:
(secure deposit link) https://py.pl/2aN2YVfJeOu

Option 3: Machu Picchu by TRAIN w/The Maras Moray Salt Mines
Aug[masked] nights/8 days
Per person double occupancy $1485
Per person single occupancy $1930
Deposit $253 per person to reserve
(secure deposit link) https://py.pl/1gW52a

Two Added Days in Lima Add-On
half-day sightseeing tour of Lima w/ 2 added nights hotel
Per person double occupancy $250
Per person single occupancy $312

The flights US Lima and Lima to Cusco are not included.
Flight prices vary by date, departure location/time. Additionally some wish to use to use airline credits, miles or points.
We can provide you an exact airfare quote at time of reservation, and book it for you.
All hotel to airport transfers are included.
This way you will get the flight that works best for you. We all meet as meetup starting at our hotel in Cusco.

To receive detailed itinerary, inclusions, and to ask any questions about Flight, Deposits, Hotels or anything else: Fill Out This Google Form https://forms.gle/cssFjQ6Jz49cgUus9
It will get all the info needed to give you the best answers possible

To see the main link for this event

We are ALSO doing a live zoom Q & A on THURS at 7PM
where you can meet us AND ask all the questions and get filled in on all the info.

We do other fun social adventures. For example:
Everest Base Camp April 18, 2022 (April is the bet month to go, and also less pandemic by then)

We look forward to you joining us on our travels.

If interested in Machu Picchu THREE WAYS Fill Out This Google Form https://forms.gle/cssFjQ6Jz49cgUus9

To join and see our other fun and amazing social events:
https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/join/ events/

~Sequoia Fall Colors fun!!! Perfect for First-timers. Camping, Nature, Hiking

Let's visit & explore Sequoia National Park

As with many things on this group. This trip is special and different.

We have have riverfront sites WITH a beach! Our site has a pool Too!!

All restrooms are flush toilets and NOT pit/septic toilets. Free hot showers too!! Why rough it like the others? Civilized & Social w/ Nature and Safe Fun.

*sites are on grass.

*sites are riverfront amazing!

*Plenty of shade.

*on the river so we can take a dip whenever we wish.

* located close to (food) stores and restaurants so you do not need to totally rough it if the mood does not strike you.

*Firewood and ice even carried to your site for you!!

This event PERFECT for first-timers. We ALSO schedule Beginner Camping Zooms before the event for Q & A and discussions, and social. Plenty of help and guidance and info available.

Grant's Grove.
Grant & Sherman & the other groves
Crescent Meadow.
Stunning waterfalls of Tokopah Falls/Marble Falls
Grizzly Falls
Roaring River Falls
Mist Falls.

Having the site longer makes it a more leisure weekend.

Cost per person:
Camping for 2 or 3 nights is $95 Per Person

OK . . . Tell me about food and everything else. What's included?
The logistics of us providing food (as well as food prep issues with Covid) are just not feasible or safe.
Due to varied dietary needs, and food contact issues, it's better if bring what you like and prep it. There will be grills available.
BUT there are also local options. No need to cook too much if you don't want to.
Firewood: We will provide a bundle of firewood to start. If you want a super roaring fire you can pickup some extra at the small store.

Kids? Sure. If under 18 they are at no charge.

Carpools? Normally we make a carpool resource. It goes out a week in advance of the event.

How do I pay?
Cost per person: Camping for 2 or 3 nights is $95 Per Person

What if I have a +1 or +whatever? Cost is Per Person. Just do the payment link a 2nd or 3rd time. IF under 18 free.

What if I stay two nights. Is it less? No. But since we have for Sun night you can stay as late as you want on Sunday before packing up. It gives us flexibility. Why not stay till Mon?

Refund if requested 2 weeks before event start. If less than 2 weeks: 100% Full Credit applied to ANY future event we run.

Are you frustrated with "surveys" that organizers have you fill out so they can discriminate? Are they even proud of discriminating and proclaim it by saying they pick and choose and exclude? The proclaim they are the bouncer at the door to keep out who they wish to exclude. Discrimination is not something to be proud of or to procalmin as a good thing. Do not support discrimination in any way, or for any reason.

We do NOT discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, or even for belly button lint.
*ASL interpet is available
*Hablamos Español, y other languages
*Certified Wilderness First Responder
*Certified Wilderness First Aid
*Certified CPR/AED
*Certified epinephrine auto-injector
*Member AMGA American Mountain Guide Association
*Member ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association.
*We do also carry required insurance

Comments ?
Issues? We all have issues!!!
. . . .Message direct

We create and promote a safe and fun environment for all.

Our events fill early due to quality sites with amenities. Curated or guided hikes & adventures that are safe and fun.We welcome all, and that includes you!

Be part of the fun. Come join us on an adventure.

To join in on our other fun events planned. And to see our full calendar.
https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/join/ events/

Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!!! A Singles Epic Travel Adventure

San Diego International Airport

This is definitely a bucket list type adventure. It is also tempered with safety and do-ability.

This event embodies adventure and the romance of traveling to far off places.

First of all. . . this is NOT going up to the top of Everest (29,000). This is going to Everest Base Camp (17,600) also called EBC. Our starting elevation will be in Lukla at 9,400'.
With all that said . . . this is VERY doable at any age. You do not need to be a marathon runner. The truth is if you can manage walking 3-6 hours a day, up and down a hill, while carrying a light pack, you will be OK!
Professional guides and Porters to carry your gear are included. All that is left for you to carry is your water, snacks and camera.

But I don't have the needed gear?!
Our trip includes providing you with a North Face sleeping bag and parka, rated to -4F. As well as walking poles. So you don't have to buy them or pack in your suitcase.

Does this include food?
Yes. All meals are included.

What is lodging like?
We are sleeping in a series of "Tea Houses" along the route. You will have bed in a shared room with roommate (from the group). Sorry, a solo room will not be available on this trip. We will pair up everybody.

How dangerous is this? What if I get sick or hurt?
This is NOT the summiting Everest with people dying from bad choices. We will be walking on an established, well used trail the entire time, and NOT on snow or ice. Stats from past years show that 30,000 people a year do the EBC trek. With all that said, . . . Our trip INCLUDES emergency insurance. For instance: this will cover a helicopter if needed.

Plain and simple, safety is our primary goal. We will have an experienced guide and porters, and we will be along the entire way too.

How much does this cost?

INCLUDING AIR departing from LA the TOTAL cost is:
18 days for ONLY $3,780

If you want a breakdown to try and find a better flight, OR if you wish to use miles, OR if you wish to upgrade your flight, OR you are not flying out of LA

Everest Base Camp Trip $2,390 (15 Day, land only)
The (group) air portion $1,390 (departure LA)

A Refundable Deposit of $250 to hold your space. Balance due by Feb 18, 2022.
Here is a secure link for deposit: https://py.pl/BQ6wm

More is available upon request. Please call 8I[masked], or RSVP, or PM or post a comment.

Apr 16: Depart 6:30PM
Apr 17: Flight time across time zones
Apr 18: Arrival in Kathmandu 10:30 AM(4,377') Night at hotel
Apr 19: Scenic flight to Lukla (9,383')(45 minutes) and trek to Phakding (8700/4-5 hrs/5mi
Apr 20: Trek to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi)
Apr 21: Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Syanboche (12,575')
Apr 22: Trek to Tengboche (12,664'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi)
Apr 23: Trek to Dingboche (14,469'/5-6 hrs/5mi)
Apr 24: Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Nagarjun Hills (16,676'/2 hrs)
Apr 25: Trek to Lobuche (16,207'/ 5-6 hrs trekking/4.4mi)
Apr 26: Lobuche to Gorakshep (16,942')- Everest Base Camp (17,600') (Everest summit is 29,029') and trek back to Gorakshep (7-8 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 27: Gorakshep to Kalapathar (18,514') and trek to Pheriche (14,340'/ 6-7 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 28: Trek back to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 29: Trek to Lukla (9,383'/6-7 hrs trek/5.6mi)
Apr 30: Scenic Flight back to Kathmandu (45 minutes flight). Last minute shopping
May 1: Contingency Day
May 2: Drive to Kathmandu airport (20-30 minutes’ drive) and fly back to the home.
May 3: Arrive LAX Approx 5PM

This is the adventure of a lifetime.
It is done in a safe manner and includes lots with no surprises.
For a compete list of what is included, and what is not included AND/OR for a Detailed Daily Itinerary and detailed packing list: RSVP, PM or post in the comments.

Note: correct end date May 3rd, not May 1st. Meetup limits event posts 14 days max

Important links:
Deposit Link https://py.pl/BQ6wm
Our Website https://www.ismyoyster.com/events/everestbasecamp

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