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619 Softball's Every Saturday Co-ed Pick up Softball

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If you want BP, get out there by around 1215. The gear will most likely not be there until 1230p-1245p game time, so bring a couple balls if you want Bp.
We are out Every Saturday of the year, from 45- 105 degrees, our core players are there. We always have a game. If you need practice for a game or just want to have some fun, we will be there every Saturday. Saturday Softball is open to all skill levels, co-ed . Our softball games offer a relax atmosphere, where men and women can play a game or two, and meet and make new friends

The softball game will be played at Juarez Elementary School. This may be the best venue view and weather conditions considered. The backdrop for the field is an awesome view of our local mountains spotted with palm trees. Montgomery field is nearby and small planes, bi-planes, and other small aircraft will spot the sky over the field. The field is elevated, and sits above Melbourne st, and gets a really nice cool breeze. Please click on the map to get directions and location of the fields. Feel free to call us if you get lost.

Since Softball is one of those sports that could be competitive, it is out here too. I wanted to let everyone know that this is a pick up game and we are out there to have fun. So check your ego at the door.

Basic Rules- force at every base, you can over run every base. Coming back to a base a runner must be tagged, Safety bases at 1st and Home. If you hit the pitcher,it's an out, if you knock the ball over the fence towards the street, it's an out and you must get the ball, replace it with the same quality ball, or pay $2 so we can replace it. If you hit the ball onto the blacktop without anyone touching it, it's a ground rule double. There are pickles, no force out in a pickle as they could be going back to a base. If there are at least 10 players per team, it will be pitch to the other team, if the ball is fair, it's fair, even a dribbler. If there are less than 10 per team it will be pitch to your own team, 3 pitch , 4 to girls, and the ball must at least reach the pitcher's mound to be fair. If you don't put the ball in play after 7 pitches, you take a walk.

We have some equipment but if you have any please bring it out. See you Saturday on the Diamond.

Hey donate some money when you can to cover Rob's cost of running these ads.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions



Mike A

PS -- Don't worry about the meetup numbers, we always have enough to play.


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San Diego Softball : PLAY BALL!
San Diego Softball : PLAY BALL!
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2633 Melbourne Dr · San Diego, CA