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    love playing.
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    Sometimes I organize the Monday and Wednesday meetups at Robb Field in OB - my number is 203-470-1042 - text me if you have any questions about coming out!
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    My name is Matthew. I love baseball. I played softball in high school, and I am looking to play again.
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    My name is Jacob. This is my 5th year playing. I want to stay away from the b.s. that had been going around. Just want to pay.
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    Born and raised in Philly but blessed enough to live in America's finest city. Love softball, music, weed and San Diego!!! Go Padres! Go Eagles!!
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    Welcome to Softball 619. Looking for pickup games and fun.
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    Hi, I play softball on Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday nights I am a bartender at the Kansas City BBQ and some of the girls there want to play co-ed softball. I will try to get them to join also. It sounds like fun.
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    We've been running this meetup since 2005! We do our best to keep it free, but are always willing to accept your donations!